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Tips and Tricks

Repertoire (blue) cards have no heat cost or heat replenishes while Grimoire (red) cards spend heat.

Always try to have an even balance between the two, especially early in a match. Build heat with your blue cards so that you can use powerful red cards, which usually include your character's Distortion Drive card.

Distortion Drive cards are your character's ultimate attack and they usually cost about 4 heat to use, and cannot be countered.

Use Distortion Drive cards when you have a big opening with no chance of your opponent counter-attacking, such as when they have used their break.

Keep cards with a variety of ranges in your hand. If you have cards with ranges from 1, 2, 3, etc., you can block just about anything.

Keep in mind that if you block with an attack card, you will still take 1 chip damage afterwards.

Don't play too defensively because your opponent will just whittle you down.

Bounties function like quests. When you get an assignment completed it will grant you cool stuff. Sometimes even new characters!