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Resident Evil Village Ending Explained

Some players will find the ending of Resident Evil Village to be perplexing. Many plot threads come together here, both from this game and from Resident Evil 7, so it’s easy to get confused. We’ll run through the last 30 minutes or so of RE Village and explain the ending.

Warning: Major spoilers below.

How does Resident Evil Village end?

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The ending of Resident Evil Village begins when Ethan defeats Heisenberg’s mutated form. Mother Miranda appears, tells Ethan that Rose will be reincarnated as her daughter, and literally rips his heart out.

Chris Redfield regroups with Wolf Squad, and he and his team set out to destroy the Megamycyte that gives Mother Miranda her powers and to rescue Rose. Another BSAA team also arrives, to Chris’s surprise, and he wonders what they’re doing there.

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Chris fights his way through the village and calls in missile strikes on a massive mycete barrier guarding the path to Castle Dimitrescu. Once he’s through the wall, Chris discovers that there’s a series of underground caverns leading to the Megamycyte. He fights a large Lycan guarding the area and plants a bomb on the Megamycyte. However, remembering his promise to save Rose, he holds off on detonating it and keeps progressing through the cave.

Chris finds Mother Miranda’s lab and finds out her backstory. Mother Miranda lost her daughter in the Spanish Influenza outbreak a hundred years before the game. When she lost her daughter, Eva, Miranda wandered into a cave to die and found the Megamycete, which infected her. She discovered that the Megacycete absorbs the consciousness and memories of anyone buried in the soil above. Knowing this, Miranda planned to find a vessel to bring Eva back to life.

After a hundred years of experimenting on the villagers, Miranda finally found the perfect candidate. She had previously given a sample of the mold and Eva’s DNA to The Connections, which resulted in the creation of Eveline. Miranda considered her to be a failure, but she led to Rose being born. Rose’s perfect blend of human and mycete genetics meant she could be used to bring Eva back to life.

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Chris also finds the real Mia still alive in Miranda’s lab. After confirming it’s really her, they begin heading back to his team’s helicopter so she can be evacuated.

In the meantime, Ethan realizes he actually died three years prior at the Baker house when Jack kicked him in the head. He’s lived on by sheer force of will as a Molded. That’s why he was able to sustain such a massive amount of physical damage and reattach his limbs. He awakens and finds himself in the Duke’s carriage on the way to Mother Miranda’s location. However, he’s on his last legs as he’s taken too much damage. His hands have begun to turn to stone and ash, and he doesn’t have much time left.

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Ethan reaches the site of the ceremony and confronts Mother Miranda. Rose has been reborn, and Miranda and Ethan duke it out over her. After an intense struggle, Miranda turns to stone and crumbles, revealing Rose. As Chris helps Ethan escape, the Megacycete emerges from underground and rears up to attack. Ethan volunteers to stay behind and detonate the bomb attached to the Megamycete as he’s slowly crumbling to dust.

Chris makes it back to the helicopter with Rose, and it takes off. As it begins its ascent, Ethan detonates the bomb, destroying the Megamycete and the village.

As they’re flying away, one of Chris’s squad reveals that they retrieved the body of one of the BSAA soldiers and that they weren’t human. Instead, the BSAA sent a squad of Bio-Organic Weapons to gather samples of the mycete (which has enormous implications for the future of the series). Chris gives orders to pick up the rest of his squad and plot a course to the BSAA Europe headquarters so he can get to the bottom of what the organization is planning.

Resident Evil Village Epilogue Explained

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There’s a post-credits epilogue in Resident Evil Village which will confuse some players as it takes place in the future. The blonde-haired girl placing flowers at Ethan’s grave is Rose. This means, if Rose aged normally, this scene is around 15-18 years after the main game.

Rose’s parentage makes her half Molded and half-human. This appears to have given her superhuman abilities. The only one we get to see is increased strength when she snaps at the agent who jokingly called her “Eveline.”

This scene leaves a lot to the imagination. We know Rose is working with an organization to combat “situations” and that Chris is somehow involved. However, we don’t know whether this is meant to segue into a future game or just to show that Rose survived and managed to keep her humanity intact.