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Resident Evil Village: Does Lady Dimitrescu die and is she really a vampire?

Lady Dimitrescu became the face of Resident Evil Village when she was revealed in full in the third trailer for the game in January 2021. The story behind this tall vampire lady, and her ultimate fate, has a subject of widespread speculation since then. We’ve known Lady Dimitrescu wouldn’t be the lead antagonist for a while; Mother Miranda takes that role. However, it was hoped she and her daughters would play a prominent role in the game, even if they ended up dying.

Now that Resident Evil Village is out, we have the answers to all our questions about Lady Dimitrescu. Unfortunately, they’re likely not what Lady D fans want to hear.

Is Lady Dimitrescu dead at the end of Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Death

Unfortunately, Lady Dimitrescu is Resident Evil Village’s first boss fight, and when she dies, she stays dead. We thought that given how positively fans responded to her that she might have shown back up at some point. However, that’s not the case.

It’s likely that Capcom didn’t anticipate that people would go wild over Lady Dimitrescu’s design and just viewed her in the same light as the other antagonists. By the time she got her big reveal in the third trailer, it would have been too late to make major changes to the game. So, she’s relegated to a relatively minor role and dies early in Ethan’s journey.

Ethan kills her in the boss fight, but the poison on the blade from the coffin may have been a death sentence anyway. The battle with her mutated form might have just been her death throes.

Given the ending of Resident Evil Village, we don’t really see how Capcom would bring her back in a future Resident Evil title. However, there’s the possibility we may see her reappear in future DLC that takes place before the events of the main game. There’s plenty of questions that remain about the village and plenty of room to show Lady D’s life before Ethan showed up.

Why is Lady Dimitrescu a vampire?

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Mutated

Not much is revealed about Lady Alcina Dimitrescu’s history in Resident Evil Village. We know that she was born sometime before the 1950s, and by that time, had been transformed into a vampire. She was part of Mother Miranda’s experiments to find a suitable vessel for her daughter Eva. Alcina reacted favorably to the Cadou parasite, as is recorded in this note from Miranda’s lab:

“Subject Name: Alcina Dimitrescu

Cadou Affinity: Most favorable

Brain Functions: Normal

Regeneration rate is incredibly fast. The subject can heal any external wound within seconds, and grow her nails into claws in mere moments. Rapid regeneration also means an increased body size.

Note: Due to a hereditary blood disease the subject must ingest human flesh and blood on a regular basis to maintain regeneration properies.

I suspect that if the subject’s regeneration is not properly balanced then she may mutate uncontrollably.

An unfit vessel for Eva.”

The big thing in question here is Lady Dimitrescu’s hereditary blood disease. Was she physiologically human before Miranda implanted the parasite, or did she require human flesh and blood for nourishment before that? If so, it’s possible she might have been infected with some form of the Progenitor Virus. Either way, after being infected with the Cadou she does have traits of a vampire, but she isn’t one in the traditional sense.

It’d be great to learn more about Lady D and her daughters as there are many unanswered questions as to what life in the village was like before the events in Resident Evil Village. For now, though, we’ll have to hope that someday, Capcom will fill in some of the blanks for us. Otherwise, much of our tall vampire lady’s past and personality will remain a mystery.