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Resident Evil Village Kitchen Daughter Boss Fight: How to beat Bela

In Resident Evil Village, the first of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters that Ethan has to beat is Bela. This fight takes place in the Kitchen and is the first mini-boss that Ethan has to face in his journey to get out of Castle Dimitrescu. Fortunately, this first daughter isn’t hard to beat, as her weakness is pointed out for players before the fight starts.

How to beat the first daughter in Resident Evil Village: Bela boss fight in the Kitchen

Resident Evil Village Bela Boss Fight

After Ethan uses the Maroon Eye on the door on the 2F of the Main Hall, Cassandra will appear and begin chasing him. He escapes her by plunging through a hole in the Dressing Room that leads to the Halls of Solace. After he makes it through this dungeon, he reaches a back passage to the Kitchen. However, before he makes it there, Bela confronts him.

As the cutscene plays out, it’ll show players the daughters’ weakness. Ethan blasts the window beside Bela, and cold air begins blowing into the house. The only way to make Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela weak to attacks is by exposing them to cold air.

After the cutscene is over, players can start wailing on Bela. Like most enemies in the game, her head is her weak spot. So, the key to surviving this fight without taking too much damage is to stagger her with headshots and get ready to guard if she gets too close. The shotgun is the best weapon to use on her at this point in the game, but the pistol will work too.

After Bela goes down, players can pick up the Crystal Torso she leaves behind. The Duke will buy it for a hefty chunk of change cause he’s a freak. Now, Ethan must go further into Castle Dimitrescu if he ever wants to make it out. Unfortunately, Bela has two other sisters waiting ahead…