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Resident Evil Village Library Daughter Boss Fight: How to beat Cassandra

In Resident Evil Village, the second daughter boss fight takes place in the Library of Castle Dimitrescu. Cassandra is a bit more cautious than Bela, which makes beating her a bit tougher. However, she’s not any stronger, and the fight is a relatively easy one as long as players don’t panic.

How to beat the second daughter in Resident Evil Village: Cassandra boss fight in the Library

Resident Evil Village Cassandra Boss Fight

Once players find the Iron Insignia Key, they can get revenge on Cassandra for chasing them into the basement. As soon as players enter the Library, she’ll attack. This fight is a bit trickier as there are no windows to shoot out. Instead, players must open the skylight in the center of the room using a lever on one of the pillars.

Making things even more complicated is the fact that the skylight is on a timer. It’ll only remain open for a bit. Unfortunately, Cassandra will retreat to the outskirts of the room when it’s open to avoid the cold. She’s a lot harder to hit when she’s ducking behind bookcases, and ammo is still fairly scarce at this point in the game. To beat her without wasting resources, players will need to bait her to the center of the room, under the skylight, then hit the lever. However, note that as long as the skylight is open, she’s vulnerable no matter where she is in the room. So, players that want to be more aggressive can chase her down if they desire to get the fight over faster.

When she’s blasted with cold air, Ethan can warm her up with the shotgun. It doesn’t take long to beat her, and those that want to conserve their shotgun ammo can take her on with the pistol if they desire.

Once Cassandra is dead, she’ll crumble into ash and drop another Crystal Torso.