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Biomutant: Dark Red or Light Blue? Which Crossroads decision to choose

Biomutant starts out with a number of choices you must make. One of them will see you making a ‘Crossroads choice between Dark Red and Light Blue, with the implications of this choice being unclear. So which should you choose? Let’s take a look.

Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue choice explained

biomutant dark red light blue choose

Dark Red or Light Blue will moderately affect your Dark or Light aura, but it isn’t a major choice. You can select either to put points into either Dark or Light, though it’s ultimately fairly inconsequential.

Choosing Dark Red will put a point into Dark, while choosing Light Blue will put a point into Light. You obtain these points throughout the game so don’t worry too much about this starting decision.

The message reads: “I’m Dark Red, as in strength and power. Color me Light Blue, for freedom and loyalty. A reflection of your Ki, the primal energy that flows through everything.”

At this point in the game, this choice isn’t going to be too impactful. While choosing between Light or Dark throughout the entirety of your playthrough will ultimately have major ramifications, this starting choice is one of many you will have to make. As such, even if you choose Dark Red, you’ll be able to increase your Light as the game progresses, and vice versa.

Your Dark and Light change depending on the moral decisions you make while playing. If you make morally bad decisions, your Dark will increase, while your Light will increase when good decisions are made. Given that you are asked to make many of these decisions throughout the game, your first choice isn’t too important as later choices will change it regardless. Still, if you wish to strictly stick to a certain moral alignment, you’ll need to be careful which of these choices you make early on.

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