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Is there a Mass Effect Legendary Edition new ending?

The Mass Effect series has gotten its share of DLC, updates, and changes, which are all aspects found in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The bundle has seen some updates and includes (almost) all of the DLC found in that trilogy. But it also changes things from those games, which has some wondering if there is a Mass Effect Legendary Edition new ending. Here’s whether ME Legendary Edition changes the ending to the games.

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have a new ending?

The 10 best (and worst) changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition does not contain any new endings for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, or Mass Effect 3. BioWare did not make changes to the third game’s controversial finale for this remaster. Project Director Mac Walters even told CNET that the team members “haven’t changed any of the story.”

However, the Extended Cut is the default ending for Mass Effect 3, meaning that BioWare’s initial change a few months after the game came out in 2012. This free piece of DLC added some more context, one more ending that let players walk away, and a whole bunch of smaller scenes that patched up holes and fleshed out the finale. Players also can’t switch to the old ending that shipped with the initial game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Some of the included DLC does add extra dialogue options during the final confrontation (like the Leviathan expansion), but none of these are new. They just might be new for some people who skipped over the DLC the first time around.

BioWare most likely won’t change the ending yet again in some sort of Extended Extended Cut of the ending. The studio is working on the next Mass Effect game that it teased at the 2020 Game Awards and would probably prefer to spend that time making new content over continually trying to please more people with Mass Effect 3.