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Biomutant Difficulty Differences: Easy, Normal, or Hard

The Biomutant difficulty differences between Easy, Normal, and Hard are pretty simple but they aren’t explained in the menu when choosing. Here’s the need-to-know on which difficulty to choose, info about any difficulty Trophies or Achievements, and whether or not you can change the difficulty after starting.

What are the differences between Biomutant difficulties?

Biomutant Difficulty Differences

  • Easy: Enemies deal minimal damage and have lower health.
  • Med: Enemies deal moderate damage and have moderate health.
  • Hard: Enemies deal large amounts of damage and have lots of health.

There are no difficulty Trophies or Achievements in Biomutant.

Players can choose Easy mode and still unlock all Trophies and Achievements without issue. Of course, this may hinder the experience as it will remove the reliance on crafting new weapons and armor, a key part of the game and arguably where a lot of the excitement and sense of progression lies.

During our testing of different difficulties, we found no evidence of Hard giving better rewards. It’s purely for those who want longer fights against more dangerous foes.

Can you change Biomutant difficulty after starting?

Biomutant Difficulty Differences

Yes, players can change Biomutant difficulty after starting.

By going into the options menu and navigating to “Gameplay”, players can change the game’s difficulty. This can be done at any time to make battles harder or easier.

With no fear of being locked into a certain difficulty, players are able to choose Normal and see if that is suitable. If it’s too easy, then it may be worth turning things up to Hard. If Normal is too difficult, then Easy could be the better choice.

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