Subnautica Below Zero: Architect Artifact N6M location

The depths of Planet 4546B in Subnautica Below Zero play home to many unusual objects with glowing green auras. These devices indicate the nearby presence of Architect Artifacts, which are underwater remnants of an ancient civilization. Discovering and scanning ten such Artifacts is the fastest way to reach the story’s conclusion and unlock the final Seatruck upgrade. Here’s where to find Architect Artifact N6M, the Ground Sampler module.

Artifact N6M location | Where to find the Ground Sampler

Artifact N6M location - Where to find the Ground Sampler in Subnautica Below Zero

Architect Artifact N6M, the Ground Sampler, can be found in two different locations in Subnautica Below Zero. One of them is located in the East Arctic biome around coordinates 800 -500 -680, while the other is in the Tree Spires biome around coordinates -100 -580 -1420.

East Arctic location

Of the two locations, it’s easiest to reach Artifact N6M in the East Arctic. There’s a massive crater near the northeastern border of the Lillypad Islands that leads directly to a Ground Sampler. Plus, the shallow waters of the East Arctic are almost entirely devoid of hostile creatures.

To get there, head toward the East Arctic and follow the sea floor. As it descends, you’ll notice a series of massive cracks. These all emanate from a large central crater. Keep following the sea floor until you reach the central crater opening. From there, dive straight down to a depth of 500 meters. The Ground Sampler will be sitting right out in the open, so you can’t miss it. Scan it, then be sure to grab the nearby Ion Cubes.

Tree Spires location

If you’re already stationed around Delta Island, then you’re not far from the Ground Sampler in the Tree Spires. It’s the biome directly south of the island; look for its signature rocky outcrops and heat-emitting trees. The second Artifact N6M is toward the southern end of the biome, almost directly under a massive Ventgarden.

The Artifact itself is beyond a narrow crevice that will make navigation with the Seatruck difficult. However, it’s not tucked away in a cave off the beaten path; you can essentially dive straight down to reach it. Either way, you’ll need to swim to a depth of nearly 600 meters to be able to scan it, so you’ll want to bring the Rebreather and an upgraded oxygen tank.

You only need to scan one Ground Sampler to unlock the data entry for Artifact N6M. Scanning them both is redundant, as only one will count toward unlocking more Architect technology. With that said, both of these locations contain multiple Ion Cubes. They’re worth grabbing if you’ve already scanned six artifacts and unlocked the blueprints for Ion Batteries.

Ultimately, you’ll need to find and scan Artifact N6M on the path to unlocking the Seatruck Teleportation Module. This upgrade pairs well with the Sleeper Module, and can help you explore greater depths safely. If you’re still paddling around shallower waters, grab your Laser Cutter and explore each shipwreck location in Subnautica Below Zero.