Subnautica Below Zero: Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragment locations

There’s a lot to see in Subnautica Below Zero, and most of it is far from your drop pod. The best way to explore farther reaches is to build the Seatruck, but you need a special deployable item in order to craft vehicles. It’s called the Mobile Vehicle Bay, and it’s used to build everything from the Prawn suit to extra Seatruck modules. But, before you can build the bay, you’ll need to find Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments. Here’s where you need to look.

Where to find Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments in Below Zero

Where to find Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments in Subnautica Below Zero

Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments can be found in various locations throughout the Arctic Kelp Caves, Arctic Kelp Forest, and Twisty Bridges biomes. If you’re in a hurry, three Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments can be found quickly in a cave network about 450 meters east-southeast of the drop pod. Otherwise, it’s worth searching the shallow parts of the Twisty Bridges biome.

If you’re still in the early parts of the game, you’ll want to look for fragments in the Twisty Bridges biome. It’s easier to find fragments in the Arctic Kelp Caves, but they’re all at a depth beyond 100 meters. The only safe way to explore that depth would be to equip the Rebreather.

Like so many other important items in Subnautica Beyond Zero, you’ll need to discover the Mobile Vehicle Bay blueprint before it can be built. In this case, the blueprint can be unlocked by scanning three individual fragments.

Especially for the Mobile Vehicle Bay, the fragments vary in size. One fragment is similar in appearance to common Seaglide fragments, which is to say it’s quite small. Another looks to be some sort of broken electronic device. The other three types can get quite large, and are often found around/within underwater flower pods.

Either way, building the Mobile Vehicle Bay should be one of your very first priorities in Below Zero. It’s the primary stepping stone toward building the Seatruck, which serves to replace both the Seamoth and Cyclops from Subnautica. The Seatruck itself is a basic vehicle, but it’s possible to unlock new functions by adding certain modules. For instance, the Seatruck Sleeper Module gives you somewhere to rest, while the Storage Module gives you a place to stash all your goods.

You can’t build the Seatruck until you build the Mobile Vehicle Bay. Luckily, you can find its fragments within the Arctic Kelp Caves at a depth around 100 meters. Scan three, and the blueprint will be yours. After that, you can craft the vehicle bay at the Fabricator. It only requires one Plasteel Ingot, one Computer Chip, and one Lubricant.

Now that you’ve got your own Seatruck, be sure to check out our guide to every shipwreck location in Below Zero.