Subnautica Below Zero: Shipwreck location coordinates

Players who remember the original Subnautica will likely recall finding loads of important items in the remains of the Aurora. The same is largely true with the remains of the Mercury II in Subnautica Below Zero. The difference this time is that instead of one major shipwreck, there are three. Here’s where to find each shipwreck location in Below Zero, including the exact coordinates of the bow, stern, and thruster segments.

Shipwreck locations and coordinates in Subnautica Below Zero

Shipwreck locations and coordinates in Subnautica Below Zero

The shipwreck in Subnautica Below Zero is spread across three separate locations. The stern of the ship is near the border of the Purple Vents, the bow wreckage is found in the Lilypad Islands, and the wrecked remains of the ship’s thruster is in a cliff between those two biomes.

Here are the coordinates for each shipwreck location:

  • Stern wreckage: 75, -40, -890
  • Bow wreckage: 270, -220, -1337
  • Thruster wreckage: 475, -150, -630

Of the three segments, the stern wreckage is the largest. Even though it’s close to the starting location, you’ll still need a Laser Cutter to get through most rooms. However, for all that work, it doesn’t have too much loot. Aside from a Parallel Processing Unit fragment in the engine bay, it’s mostly just Power Cells, Batteries, and basic supplies.

Luckily, the bow wreckage contains much better items. One of the main attractions is the Reinforced Dive Suit found in the crew quarters. This area also contains a scannable Water Filtration Machine, the single best way to get water in Below Zero. Beyond that, there’s the Alien Containment, a few scannable pieces of the PRAWN Suit, plus the second Parallel Processing Unit fragment and a Jukebox Disc on the bridge.

Finally, there’s the thruster wreckage area. Here you’ll find the final Parallel Processing Unit fragment, a Jukebox Disc, and a Reactor Rod. The catch is you’ll have to face off with a Cryptosuchus just to be able to explore the sunken remains.

If you want to reach the endgame in Subnautica Below Zero, then you’ll need to find and explore each shipwreck location. Not only do they have important items to scan, but they’re the only way to find all three Parallel Processing Unit fragments.