Subnautica Below Zero: Where to find the Rebreather

Progression in Subnautica Below Zero is based on how far you can safely dive. The game’s biggest secrets and best equipment lurk at depths beyond what the marooned hero can reach at the start of the game. To start diving deeper, you’ll want to equip the Rebreather. However, before you can unlock this equipment, you have to find the Rebreather data box to recover its blueprint.

Where to find the Rebreather in Subnautica Below Zero

Where to find the Rebreather in Subnautica Below Zero

The data box you need to craft the Rebreather in Subnautica Below Zero is found in the Twisty Bridges biome. Specifically, the Rebreather can be found at coordinates -370, -170, -320.

The Rebreather is one of the very first items you’ll want to unlock in Below Zero. As you’ll no doubt have noticed, you can’t dive below 100 meters before your oxygen starts depleting rapidly. Even with the speed boost provided by the Seaglide, you only have a limited amount of time to explore before you have to resurface for air.

The Rebreather’s primary purpose is to help conserve breathable air at depths beyond 100 meters. It’s a simple piece of equipment that slows the rate of oxygen consumption once you reach the 100 meter threshold.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find. The Rebreather blueprint is sitting out in the open in the Twisty Bridges biome. It’s located at a depth of 170 meters, so you’ll have dive for it quickly. After that, the blueprint can be used to craft the equipment at the Fabricator.

You’ll need a few components to actually build it, of course: Just a single Advanced Wiring Kit, Silicone Rubber, and Fiber Mesh will do the trick. From there, you can equip the Rebreather as a head item through the inventory menu.

Head to the Twisty Bridges biome to find the Rebreather as soon as you can. Most of the gear you need to truly explore Subnautica Below Zero is at a depth beyond 100 meters, and this equipment will help you discover each shipwreck and uncover ancient alien artifacts.