Subnautica Below Zero: Architect Artifact Q59 location

There are numerous secrets to uncover spread throughout the world of Subnautica Below Zero. Among the most elusive secrets are Architect Artifacts, which collectively unlock blueprints for new equipment. One of these is Artifact Q59, an Alien Statue of a strange, ancient race. Here’s where to find Artifact Q59 and where you need to go to reach its location.

Artifact Q59 location | Where to find the Alien Statue

Subnautica Below Zero: Where to find Alien Statue Artifact Q59 location

Architect Artifact Q59 is located in the Koppa Mining Site underneath Delta Island. To reach it, you’ll need to find the entrance to the mines within the Thermal Spires biome. Or, if you have the Seatruck Depth Module, you can reach the Alien Statue through the entrance near the island’s adjacent lava geysers.

Use the Thermal Spires entrance

If you haven’t yet acquired any depth upgrades for the Seatruck, you’ll have to reach Koppa Mining Site through the Thermal Spires. The entrance is around 800 meters south of the life pod, right where the Delta Island’s shores slope down sharply toward the sea floor. You’ll find the entrance around coordinates -400, -140, -830.

Once inside, use the tunnel from the main room to descend to a depth around 240 meters. From there, follow the rails past the Prawn Suit bay, then immediately turn west into the cave entrance. Follow the path to reach the room containing the massive Alien Statue, otherwise known as Architect Artifact Q59.

Reach Koppa Mining Site through the lava geysers

If you’re already on Delta Island, you can reach Artifact Q59 by descending through a cave system filled with lava geysers. The catch is that you’ll need a vehicle than can survive depths of at least 300 meters. That means you’ll need either the Prawn Suit or a Seatruck upgraded with the Depth Upgrade Mk1 module or better.

Start from the north side of Delta Island. Jump into your Seatruck, then dive down toward the thermal vent. At the first geyser, turn south-southeast, then immediately turn through the cave to the northeast. After you reach the second geyser, follow the path southeast to a third geyser. Descend straight north until you reach the oxygen plant, then follow the cave south. Continue south-southeast until you spot another oxygen plant, then dive straight down to reach the entrance to the Koppa Mining Site.

Once here, look for the rails heading west. Right as the rails turn southwest, look for a cave opening due west — the entrance will be right in front of you. Follow it through to reach the cavern containing the Alien Statue.

Once you reach Artifact Q59, scan it using your Scanner to unlock its databank entry. If this is the first Architect Artifact you’ve scanned, you’ll trigger an event that will reveal the Sanctuary Zero location. Otherwise, you’ll unlock one of a number of rewards on the ultimate path to the Seatruck Teleportation Module.

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