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What are the differences between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories?

Monster Hunter fans are always excited when hearing about new releases, but not always for the same reason. That’s because not every game in the series follows the same formula. Notably, Monster Hunter Stories has several differences when compared to games like Rise. So what’s the scoop? What makes Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin different from any other Monster Hunter game?

What’s the difference between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories?

Difference between Monster Hunter Stories and Rise

The big difference between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories involves gameplay. Rise is an action RPG that focuses on monster hunting through real-time combat, while Stories lets you befriend and battle alongside monsters in turn-based combat.

That’s the simplified version, anyway. In truth, Stories is a spin-off of the main Monster Hunter series that takes gameplay in a different direction. Most of the core Monster Hunter games are action-focused third-person experiences. You choose your weapons and gear, then set off to take down giant beasts either solo or with friends. If the comparison helps, Rise has very similar gameplay to Monster Hunter: World, which released in 2018.

On the other hand, Stories presents its action more slowly, with progression and battle elements similar to JRPGs. Combat is turn-based, and it doesn’t always involve slaying monsters. Instead, Stories allows players to raise and train monsters as pets or companions.

Of course, both games do share many similarities otherwise. Both are developed and published by Capcom, though Stories was additionally developed by Marvelous. Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a direct follow-up to the original Stories, this time running on the RE Engine. The two games even share downloadable content: Capcom announced Wings of Ruin DLC alongside the MH Rise 2021 roadmap.

Still, Stories represents a different take on the Monster Hunter formula. Unlike Rise or even World, Stories 2: Wings of Ruin trades the series’ signature real-time combat for turn-based battles and more story-driven gameplay.