Persona 6 release date: Is it coming to PS4, PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S?

In a recent job posting, Atlus let the cat out of the bag: Persona 6 is in development. Now that the game is confirmed, we only have more questions. Namely, when is the Persona 6 release date, and will it come out on PS4 PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S? While details are still extremely sparse about the upcoming title, we can make some educated guesses below.

What will Persona 6’s release date be?

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It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Persona 5 debuted in Japan. Since then, Atlus has released a host of spinoffs, but details on a new entry in the series have been sparse until this week. Given the relatively long development cycle between Persona games (with only one dropping each console generation), fans weren’t expecting a new title so soon, but Persona 6’s release date might be sooner than we thought.

A recent tease on the Persona 25th anniversary website lists announcements stretching into autumn 2022. These aren’t necessarily game announcements, but it would be surprising if we didn’t get details on at least a spinoff. It’s unlikely we’ll see Persona 6 release next year, but we might get a definitive reveal and release date by then.

From the information we have now, we’d take a guess that Persona 6 will have a Holiday 2022/Q1 2023 release date at the earliest. If we had to be pragmatic, though, we’d be surprised if it hits shelves before late 2023.

Will Persona 6 come to PS4, PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S?

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The main Persona games were Sony exclusives up until the recent port of Persona 4 Golden to Steam. Persona 5 and its enhanced version Persona 5 Royale are still PS4-only (at least in the West). Sega and Atlus are becoming more adventurous with multi-platform releases, as shown by the Yakuza series, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see the same with Persona.

Cross-generational support is something that has a bit more of a precedent. Persona 5 actually debuted on PS3 and PS4 in Japan, so if Persona 6 is released within the next year or two, we’ll likely see a PS4 and PS5 version. Persona 5’s PS3 release came three years after the launch of the PS4, so Atlus isn’t bashful about supporting older consoles.

One thing that might be different about this launch is the regional timing. Previously, Persona titles launched in Japan first; then, they were localized and released in other territories around 6-8 months later. However, Atlus and Sega have been stepping it up with worldwide launches, and given the massive success of Persona 5, we’ll likely see Persona 6 release in all territories simultaneously.

There’s a whole year of Persona festivities going on to celebrate the 25th anniversary, so stay tuned for more news concerning the series.