Fear Street 4 Release Date: How many parts is the Netflix series?

Fear Street is the latest hit Netflix series of movies, with three entries so far. They dropped concurrently over three Fridays – first with Fear Street 1994, then 1978, and most recently 1666. The wild success of the movies has horror fans asking one question: is there a Fear Street 4 release date and how many parts are there? We’ll break it down.

When is the Fear Street 4 release date? 

Fear Street 4 release date

At the moment, there isn’t a Fear Street 4 in development at Netflix. Director Leigh Janiak made the movies with a trilogy in mind, and that’s now been realized. However, we can’t rule out a Fear Street 4 releasing on Netflix in the future.

When it was first announced earlier this year, Netflix specified that the movies would be a trilogy, focusing on three different time periods. Upon release, though, the films were an unprecedented success, reaching the upper tiers of Netflix’s popularity charts. We don’t have viewing figures, but they’ve certainly hit the target with Netflix’s users. It’s led to plenty of speculation around more movies – but nothing is official yet.

How many parts is the Fear Street series?

Fear Street has three parts as part of its trilogy, though a fourth could potentially be in the works. This could either be a sequel or something else entirely, as the future of the series is currently unknown.

There is some good news for those wanting more, as in an interview with Comicbook.com, director Leigh Janiak discussed the potential plot of a Fear Street 4. She said she’d want to explore the Milkman Slasher character, whose reign of terror took place in the 1950s. Therefore, a future sequel could easily pick up on this time period – especially if the director is interested.

It’s also worth remembering that the movies are based on R.L. Stine’s book series of the same name. Luckily, there are over 50 books in the main Fear Street series and countless others in spin-offs. It means if more movies do come out, there’s a near-infinite supply of ideas to choose from. However, at present, we’ll have to make do with the three movies we’ve already got.

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