Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain All Music Cassette Tape Locations

All the Sun Touches

Located at the Munoko ya Nioka Station.

A Phantom Pain

Located in a hut in northeast Wakh Sind Barracks.

Behind the Drapery

Located at Da Wialo Kallai.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Located under a canopy at Ditadi Abandoned Village.

Dormant Stream

Located at west side of Smasei Fort.

Friday I’m In Love

Located in the large house in Lufwa Valley.


Located in the building at east Nova Braga Airport.

Heavens Divide

Located in the elevator of Mission 30.

How ’bout them zombies, ey?

Located in a building on the east side of Bwala ya Masa.

Kids In America

Located just outside the primary building of Da Shago Kallai.

Love Detterence

Located in the building where you rescue Miller in Da Ghwandai Khar.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Located in the Afghanistan Central Base Camp.​


Located in front of Lamar Khaate Palace.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme

Located in a cellar of Mission 43.

Midnight Mirage

Located in the north building of Bampeve Plantation.


Located in the north building of Serak Power Plant.

Only Time Will Tell

Located in the Eastern Communications Post.

Quiet Life

Located in the southeast building of Mfinda Oilfield.

Quiet’s Theme

Located after the footprints of Mission 45.

Planet Scape    

Located in the southern area of Sakhra Ee Village.

Rebel Yell (1999 Remaster)

Located west of the bridge in Mountain Relay Base.

Ride A White Horse

Located in the northern area of Lamar Khaate Palace.

She Blinded Me With Science

Located at the northeast guard post of Wialo Village.

Sins of the Father

Provided after completing Mission 30.

Snake Eater

Located in the west guard post of Munoko ya Nioka Station.

Take On Me

Located in a room on the west side of Yakho Oboo Outpost.

Take the D.W.

Located near the theater of Da Smasei Laman.

The Final Countdown

Located in a building in east Qarya Sakhra Ee.

The Man Who Sold The World

Provided after completing Mission 46.

The Tangerine

Located at the east guard post of Spugmay Keep.

Too Shy    

Located near the anti-air of Kiziba Camp.


Located in Kungenga Mine.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Located in the northwest guard post of Lufwa Valley.