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Destiny: The Taken King The Easiest Way To Farm The Taken King Exotics Using Three of Coins

So, you've hit level 40 in Destiny: The Taken King and you're looking to gear up your character. Your main goal should be to acquire a full set of exotics. Given their rarity, it takes a lot of work to maximize your potential, but there's a system that will make things easier for you.


Three of Coins Explanation

The Three of Coins is a consumable that allows you to increase your chance at receiving an exotic engram from the next Ultra enemy you defeat (i.e. Scourge of Winter). The first Three of Coins you consume will grant a percentage drop rate bonus of 10%, giving you a better chance at finding an exotic engram. In the event that you do receive an exotic engram, you can decrypt it at Xur in Tower to receive your random, extremely rare item.


How to Obtain Three of Coins

Xur in Tower is the only person in the game who will grant you Three of Coins. However, he won't do it without something in return. You'll need to collect 7 Strange Coins to trade to him for a stack of 5 Three of Coins. 

Strange Coins are a randomized drop from almost all of Destiny's endgame content. Below is a list of content where you may find them:
  • Crucibles (Must complete match)
  • Decrypting Decoherent engrams (Only blue or higher)
  • Opening chests (Low drop rate)
  • Public events (Requires Gold rating)
  • Scourge of Winter story mission completion (One per characcter
  • Weekly Nightfall strike
  • Weekly Heroic strike

You'll want to constantly be farming for more Strange Coins when you aren't completing high Light level content to ensure that you're maximizing your drop rate on Exotic engrams.


How to Use Three of Coins

You will need to trade seven Strange Coins to Xur in Tower. In exchange, you will receive a stack of 5 Three of Coins. These must be consumed from the inventory screen (only do one at at ime) and will disappear from your buff list after killing your next Ultra enemy. Thankfully, in the event that an exotic engram doesn't drop the buff will transfer to the next Three of Coins you use, boosting its drop rate bonus beyond 10%.


Early reports state that the drop rate increase is only mildly significant, so don't expect to find an exotic engram every time you use a Three of Coins.


The Best Places to Kill Ultras

There are several great options for where to go to kill an Ultra and hopefully receive an exotic engram in return. Below are some ideas:

  • Nightfall, Sunless Cell - DarkBlade
  • Scourge of Winter - Draksis, the Winter Kell (Considered the best option)
  • ​Walking Ruins - Eye of the Gate Lord

Good luck!