Box art - Tactile Wars

Tactile Wars iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • When you need to get through mine fields, draw a tight and tiny circle to make your formation crowd together.
  • Get JUST close enough to shoot, then back off a bit and stay just close enough to get some shots in but far enough that you can run as needed.
  • Test your strength. After you finish placing all of your defensive implements, attack your own base.
  • You can get free coins by going to the shop area and watching the “Propaganda”, or advertisement videos.
  • You can get free Prisms, the premium currency of the game, completing the various missions that the game gives you.
  • If you run over mines fast and run away from them before they blow up, you will take absolutely no damage.
  • Scroll sideways when you go to the skills menu, because there are far more skills than appear on the initial screen that you open.
  • Turrets and the troopers make a deadly combination together. Turrets take forever to take out and will constantly harass the attacker, making it a huge ordeal for them to take over just one tiny little strategic area.
  • Turret tanks are equally effective against attackers.
  • If you want to earn experience quickly check for daily achievements to come up that give you experience points as a reward for unlocking them.