Driver Speedboat Paradise iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Get drafting boosts for free speed boosts. If you manage to stay right behind opponent long enough, the screen will turn slightly light blue and you’ll get a nice speed boost thanks to drafting points you'll be collecting.
  • Use nitro to overtake. You can activate nitro whenever you want, even if it’s not fully charged.
  • Each level has 5 optional objectives you need to complete to advance in game. Each star you obtain brings you an extra $1,500 and helps unlock new levels since a certain amount of stars is needed to unlock them.
  • Whenever you can play timed missions as they bring nice rewards.
  • Prioritize upgrading your boats first. In game aim for the ship parts since those are required to upgrade your boats.
  • With your first sponsor comes bargaining. Do it but keep in mind your chances will decrease with time.
  • To get more sponsor offers, you’ll need to up your lifestyle rat by purchasing superfluous stuff.
  • Gas is needed to race and once you used all of it you'll have to wait. Time cheat works here. Head out to your phone clock, set time ahead, get back to the game and see your bar full. Then return your time settings to normal.