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Gopogo iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • If you're on the edge of a platform, head back and bounce across again.
  • Do not try to make large jumps between gaps to avoid making mistakes that lead to falls. Instead use small jumps to make cautious progress.
  • You can bounce on some enemy's heads, but not on others.
  • The pogo bounces farther depending how you angle yourself while jumping.
  • Try to learn the distances that each different angle gives. This distance remains constant for that particular angle.
  • Once a coin is collected, it remains even after your run ends. You can replay levels to get missed coins. It is always better to play cautiously and not get coins that will always end your run.
  • Coins can be spent on extra lives or more characters. Because new characters are only cosmetic, purchasing more lives is the better option.
  • To earn extra coins, play Endless mode. It has no entry fee and the coins respawn with each run.