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XCOM 2 The Best Research Science To Unlock

During your XCOM 2 campaign you will have an opportunity to pick and choose which research you would like to undergo. For each research you complete, you will unlock new equipment, buildings, and even increase efficiency of your systems. The big question is, which research should you prioritize?

Below we'll go over the most impactful research options early in the experience.


Modular Weaponry

Unlockable early on in the campaign, this research allows you to modify your weapons with attachments such as scopes, larger clips, and even stat-increasing augmentations. These mods make a noticeable difference in terms of the potency of your troops, making the research favorable. It also allows a degree of customization that is fun and rewarding.

In order to acquire more mods you will need to kill and scavenge the corpse of fallen foes.


This allows you to build the Psi Lab, which unlocks the Psi Operative class. The Psi Operative class is arguably the most powerful among the five classes in the game, capable of delivering both high DPS and deadly afflictions to enemies. It's also regarded as extremely fun to play, making it a must-have in your line-up.

In order to research this you will need to gather a Sectoid Corpse from the battlefield. You can read more about unlocking the Psi Operative here.


Magnetic Weapons

This first weapons upgrade that will be available to you are obtained by researching Magnetic Weapons. Upon completing this research you will have access to a new Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol. Each of these new variants have far improved damage throughput than the defaults, and don't require too many resources to build.

Note that you only have to pay to unlock a new weapon type once. Unlocking the weapon will immediately make it available in the loadout of every squad member who can equip that weapon type.

Plated Armor

As nice as unlocking new weapons is, new armor may make even more of a difference for you. By completing this research your entire squad will gain access to Predator Armor, which comes equipped with a much larger health pool than the default armor.

In addition to unlocking Predator Armor, you will gain access to development of the E.X.O. Suit and the Spider Suit. The former is particularly great for Grenadiers as it allows equipment of a heavy weapon such as the rocket launcher. Meanwhile, the Spider Suit is fantastic for Sharpshooters as it allows them to move farther and scale large walls with the

Resistance Communications

Making contact with all the locations on the world map takes a lot of time and resources. You can shortcut to some degree with this research. It's available early on, and alows you to grow your network much faster.

With this research you will find yourself expanding across the world map quicker, and obtaining the benefits of having contact with more locales.