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Stardew Valley A Guide to Completing The Mines

Located just Northeast of the Carpenter's Shop, the Mines is an important location in Stardew Valley. In this guide we will go over the ins and outs of the Mines, and provide information that will help you be successful in the most dangerous place of Pelican Town.


The Mines are unlocked on the fifth of Spring, just a few days into your adventure. Before entering, you will want to ensure that you have a pickaxe and a weapon before heading inside as both are required for progression.

Once inside, to the left you will notice a mine cart. This mine cart can't be accessed until you complete the corresponding Community Center bundle, which allows you to teleport between several locations on the map. To the right you will notice a ladder. This ladder will take you to the first level of the Mines. Lastly, to the top you will notice an elevator. For every five levels of progress you make in the Mines, you will be able to resume progress by using the elevator. In a sense you can regard it as a checkpoint system.

There are two things to be concerned with while in the Mines: HP and energy. HP is depleted when you are hit by enemies, and upon death you will lose 10 levels of progress as well as some items from your inventory. Meanwhile, energy is depleted as you use your pickaxe to mine rocks. Loss of all energy will result in you waking up back at your farm with a moderately sized bill to pay to the town's doctor.


In order to progress, on most levels you will need to mine rocks and kill enemies until a ladder shows up. The spawn is random, and as such you'll need a bit of luck to complete levels quickly. There is no  secret to it, so you'll just need to be patient and persistent.

There are two exceptions to the standard 'kill and mine' rule for progress. For one, you may encounter a level that indicates it has been "infested" by monsters. On these levels you must kill every enemy in order to spawn the ladder. Lastly, you may choose to craft a ladder, which on use will allow you to go to the next level. In the event that you're having trouble progressing, bringing a ladder or two with you is a good idea to avoid frustration.

It is important to stay well-equipped while in the Mines. At level 90 you will earn a very powerful weapon called the Obsidian Edge, so you may want to hold off on purchasing any weapons until that time. However, in the event that you're struggling on pre-level 90, you may choose to visit the Adventurer's Guild to the East to purchase one of the many weapons, boots, and rings offered there. It's worth mentioning that the Adventurer's Guild is the only place where you can sell weapons and equipment as these items can't be placed in your shipment box back at the farm.

There are a total of 120 levels in the Mines. As mentioned previously, you will unlock an elevator checkpoint every 5 levels. Every 10 levels you will encounter a treasure chest. The rewards range from weapons to boots. Completion of all 120 levels will grant you the Skull Key, which allows you to enter the very challenging Skull Dungeon in the Desert.

New enemies, ore, and gem types will be encountered as you progress further in the Mines. As such, progression will become more difficult, but the rewards become much greater. There are many Community Center Bundle items, as well as items of great sale value, that can be encountered in the Mines. So, it's a great place to spend time when you aren't busy tending to your crops and farm animals.


10 Quick Mines Tips
  • Use rocks and the terrain to your advantage on non-flying enemies.
  • Prioritize flying enemies as they will chip away at your health easily.
  • You may want to save progression for rainy days where you can focus the entire day on clearing Mines levels.
  • Smelt your ore to greatly increase its value and use it for tool upgrades such as the Steel Axe.
  • Bring your geodes to the Blacksmith.
  • Complete the Boiler Room Community Center Bundle early on to gain access to a mine cart that will take you directly into the Mines from the Bus Stop or Blacksmith.
  • Buy a new weapon at the Adventurer's Guild or bring food if you're struggling to progress.
  • Equipment can be sold at the Adventurer's Guild.
  • Bring a crafted ladder with you to skip a level.
  • Don't push your luck as death has a huge price to pay.