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Guild of Dungeoneering iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • There are two types of adventurers you can acquire in Guild of Dungeoneering. The ones that fall under the Might category rely on strength, durability and physical attacks. The others fall under the Magic category (like Heroes of Might and Magic, get it?), they are much more fragile and rely on spells and magical attacks.
  • The third upgradable menu item is Loot, and it gives you a chance to find better loot in the dungeons and create blacksmiths and woodshops.
  • The equipment your adventurer acquires will not be transferred with him to the next dungeon.
  • Once you end your turn, your dungeon cards disappear. The same goes for treasure chests and path construction. Combat cards, however, stay in your hand until you use them.
  • Use treasure to lure adventurers to a specific location.
  • When an adventurer dies, he disappears. You will have to wait till you reach another dungeon to use the class again with another character.
  • Yellow color on cards means that that specific strike will occur first. Red color signifies a physical attack, while the blue signifies magical.
  • Check traits button will help you examine the opponent and find any weaknesses.