Bethesda Pinball Tips & Tricks Guide

Doom Pinball Tips & Tricks

Main Missions vs. side modes and multiballs: Activate side modes or multiballs during main

missions for increased scoring and more complex gameplay! Most of the game modes can run at

the same time, even multiballs!

Collect weapons: Expanding your arsenal is crucial if you’re going to fight your way through the

demons of Hell. It is also important to use the best weapon for each given situation. The

Chaingun will do damage against the drop targets and the demon. The BFG9000 will tear almost

everything apart with one shot but its ammo capacity is very limited. Changing your weapon

once in a while can make all the difference.

Power ups: Power ups will give you a temporary boost that will always come in handy. But if you

time the activation well you could hit the jackpot. Let’s just say the Quad Damage score

multiplier boosts every score, even the ones for winning a mission.

Argent Cells: Completing a main mission will grant you an Argent Cell. Be aware that upgrading

your health or armor will automatically fill it up as well.

Meltdown mode and multiballs: Activate the Meltdown mode and start a multiball! You will

notice that you can heat up more than one ball by shooting them through the lava.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pinball Tips

Rollover Progress: Progress will be saved between games, including your character level,

weapons, apparel, magic spells and other items, completed main quests, available side quests,

your gold, and even the time of day. Nearly everything works the same as in the original game.

Blocking: You can use your shield and melee weapon to block incoming physical attacks. Hit the

targets marked with the flashing shield lamp to block the next attack and you’ll suffer less

damage. Hitting targets triggers bashing damage to the enemy!

Power Bar: Hold one of the flippers during a battle till the yellow "Power Bar" fills up completely.

You will have a couple of seconds to hit the enemy while the Power Bar flashing resulting in a

power attack with a melee weapon or dual cast with a destruction magic spell. You can cause

higher damage this way, but use this feature wisely since it consumes much more stamina and


Inventory: If you run out of stamina during a battle, access the inventory by holding the launch

button and choose a destruction magic instead. If you run out of magicka, choose a melee

weapon and continue the battle. Don't forget the various rings and amulets that can aid you in

battle, as well as the many kinds of potions you can loot from enemies or buy from shops. They

can save your life along with the healing spell that can be applied to your character permanently

and independently from other spells. You can cast it at the left orbit, you’ll definitely want to use

it regularly.

Travel: If you buy a horse at the shop (visit a town to access it), you can travel faster via shooting

the side target banks so you can explore more places, get more points and visit more towns. Be

careful however because you can lose your horse (and some of your gold) if you get defeated. If

your health is nearly depleted, consider fleeing by shooting the side targets. You can save your

horse and your gold, so it worth a try!

Multiballs: Hits to the unlit skillshot hole provide you with additional time in the Treasure Chest

Multiball, where you can hit the chest for gold jackpots only for a limited time. The additional

time can grant you more gold! Shots to the loot hole at the right side will raise the jackpot value

of the Dovahkiin Multiball.

Crafting: It is advised to keep the various raw materials you find during your adventure and use

them to craft weapons and armor when you arrive to a town as you travel. You will advance in

your smithing skill if you do so and become able to craft more and more advanced items.

Spells: Consider using non-destruction magic spells during battles, such as conjuration where

you can summon a being that helps you defeat the enemies, or the alteration where you can

apply various magical armors like Oakflesh. These can provide great help in tough battles. You

can find these spells via looting enemies or in the shop. Just apply them in the inventory and hit

the right ramp to cast them during a battle.

Loot: You will gain a lot of loot as you defeat more and more enemies during your adventure. All

of them have some weight. Eventually you will become over-encumbered, resulting in slower

traveling speed and greater stamina consumption while using melee weapons. You can sell any

of your items in the shop to decrease your carry weight and make some extra gold or you can

even drop your items from the inventory.

Gold: You can exchange your gold to score directly at the shop. The seller however will have only

a limited score amount every time you visit a shop in a town so keep moving to the next town if

you want to exchange more.

Fallout Pinball Tips & Tricks

Be aware of the radiation bar at the bottom-left of the table. A high radiation level will greatly

reduce your maximum amount of health (which is crucial in battle), and highly affects the scores

achieved throughout the game.

Vaults can be extremely dangerous if one goes in unprepared. Try leveling up by completing side quests and Faction Quests before clearing a Vault.

Hitting an enemy with a regular melee attack (hitting the enemy target itself) will stop the attack

timer for a couple of seconds.

Sneaking not only gives a damage boost on all attacks for a limited time, it will also pause time

for a short while during an attack sequence.

Enemies blocking the mininuke lane during the Attack sequence? Hit the mininuke lane during

the dodge sequence for a clear shot and an explosive result.

Too many enemies attacking you? Use the mininuke, or if it is not available, hit the Throw lane to

damage multiple enemies.

Having trouble defeating a boss enemy? Maximize the V.A.T.S. bar and grab a couple of

mininukes before a fight.

Always think about which skill should be upgraded to better suit certain situations. A higher

strength level might raise melee attack damage, but higher perception provides more time to

perform attacking actions.

No money to upgrade certain items? Raise your Luck skill and collect loot to find pricey shop

items for free.

Raise your Intelligence skill to make leveling up easier. Remember, a higher player level means

tougher enemies and higher scores.

Each of the bobbleheads collected from the Vaults grant special perks. These perks won't reset

after completing the Wizard Mode.

Join a Faction! Complete your favorite faction's missions to gain a special reward during Wizard


Hitting the Shoot or Snipe lanes during a fight will damage a random enemy on the playfield.

The antenna always points at the area where the Eyebot will arrive. If it is pointing at the sky,

prepare for the Radiation Storm.

Hit the Nuka Target to recover a small amount of health. This can be extremely helpful during a

fight against tougher enemies.