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Real Boxing iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Blocking and dodging should always be a priority during the match. You try to squeeze in other moves in between those.
  • Uppercuts are almost always a bad idea. They take too long and often don’t do that much damage.
  • After you get knocked out, you need to tap the screen as quickly as possible. Speed this up by using more fingers to do it. Four is the optimal number.
  • Play minigames only when you spend all the coins. They let you upgrade your character for free, so you will need that once you go broke.
  • You can get more coins by clicking the unlimited coins button and doing some of the actions required. Usually, they cost nothing but your time.
  • The stamina plays an important part. When it drains completely you need to wait for it to recharge before you can strike again. At that point just dodge and block the opponent’s hits until you get a full bar.
  • Invest in strength. Stronger fighters always have a better chance at winning matches.
  • On the other hand, if your opponent is stronger, dodging is your best game plan.