Wonky Ship iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • If you lose control over your ship the quickest way to regain control is to tap the thrusters so that you can make slower movements.
  • Flip your ship to increase your score. To do a flip, hold one of the thrusters to spin your ship, and for each time that it goes around once, it’ll count as a flip.
  • Keep in mind you get a 2x bonus if you do two flips in a row, a 3x bonus for three in a row etc. However keep in mind it's much harder to control your ship with more flips.
  • The larger ship is easier to control, but you won’t be able to spin as quickly. The smaller ships can spin a lot more quickly, but it is a lot easier to lose control of them.
  • Spending a lot more time in the danger zone, as close to the asteroid as possible, increases your score a lot.