Fire Emblem Heroes A Quick Tips Guide To the Battle System

As a tactical RPG, Fire Emblem Heroes is a game with a lot to learn. You can compare it to a game of chess, where unit placement and thinking ahead are critical to success.

To prepare you for battle, below we'll go over major elements of the battle system.


Weapon Rock, Paper, Scissors

There are three weapon types in the game. Each of these weapon types are strong and weak against one of the other two, resulting in 20% more or less damage. The counters are as follows:
  • Sword (Red) beats Axe (Green)
  • Axe (Green) beats Lance (Blue)
  • Lance (Blue) beats Sword (Red)

Always think about this before attacking, as it makes a huge difference.

Check the Danger Area

By tapping on the Danger Area button, you can get a visual of the opponent's reach on its next turn. With this, you can place your units in such a manner that they aren't exposed to damage.

For that matter, make sure that your party stays close together. Lonewolf heroes tend to be focused on by the A.I., resulting in death.

Use Bows Against Flying Units

There are some enemies you'll encounter that are Flying on a Pegasus or other creature. When facing these enemies, you will want an archer in your party as they do critical damage to Flying types.

Most Skills Have an Elemental Type

Upon learning a new skill, you will want to become familiar with whether or not it has an elemental type. Knowing this, you can use it to counter certain types of enemies.

For example, there are some skills that do bonus damage to dragons. This will come in handy during certain encounters.


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