Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: The Best Heroes To Use

You want the best characters in your party for Fire Emblem Heroes? You got it. We've beaten the game and have tested every character. Below is our tier list.

Note that this tier list will be updated over time in an effort to provide the best information possible.

Tier 1 (Best Heroes)

Heroes in this tier are useful in almost all situations. Their strengths far outweigh their weaknesses, making them potent units for your party during the full duration of the game.
  • Camilla (Axe) - A hero with strong AoE, a double attack, and high speed.
  • Fae (Beast) - A well-rounded hero with some of the best skills in the game.
  • Hector (Axe) - A fantastic front-line unit with a counter-attack from any distance.
  • Leo (Fire) - A hero with excellent mobility and several potent damage options, including an enemy attack range debuff.
  • Linde (Lightning) - This hero has huge damage throughput and light healing abilities to sustain the party.
  • Lucina (Sword) - A well-rounded hero with party buffs, self-healing, and anti-Dragon capabilities.
  • Takumi (Bow) - A consistent threat to enemies with excellent ranged capabilities, a counter-attack, and AoE debuff.
  • Tiki Young (Beast) - Arguably the best hybrid unit in the game. Has outstanding AoE options including heals for the party.

Tier 2 (Good Heroes)

These are your average units. They can compete or even outperform Tier 1 units in some circumstances, but aren't as dependable.

  • Abel (Lance) - A gimmicky unit that has incredible damage potential when given consideration.
  • Azura (Lance) - A useful offensive hero that has a revive ability.
  • Chrom (Sword) - A unit similar to Lucina, but with less preferable stats.
  • Cordelia (Lance) - A cooldown dependent hero with high damage potential.
  • Corrin M (Sword) - A unit with great stats, but requires careful micromanagement.
  • Elise (Healer) - A fragile support unit with some of the best healing and debuff capabilities in the game.
  • Hinoka (Lance) - A hero equipped with a useful AoE speed buff for the party. Relies on a powerful self-debuffing double attack that becomes less useful over longer fights.
  • Jakob (Shuriken) - A very fun unit to use that is explosive but situational.
  • Lilina​ (Fire) - This hero hasa great damage potential but is held back by incredibly low defense.
  • Marth (Sword) - A hero similar to Lucina, but with less useful skills.
  • Nowi (Beast) - A solid Beast unit, but less preferable than Tiki Young and Fae.
  • ​Ogma (Sword) - A strong natural frontline unit with underwhelming skills.
  • ​Robin (Lightning) - A hero that requires investment to be as useful as the best heroes.
  • Roy (Axe) - A solid frontline unit with high defense and high damage throughput.
  • ​Ryoma (Sword) - A hero equipped with a powerful counter-attack. Reaches maximum potential at <50% hp, which is risky.
  • Tharja (Fire) - A hero that has increased damage when under the effect of any buff. Can deal some of the highest damage in the game, but is highly vulnerable.
  • ​Xander (Sword) - A good unit with strong sword skills.

Tier 3 (Circumstantial Heroes)

This tier of unit struggles to compete with the others. Whether it be their situational effectiveness or their overly difficult design, they fall behind Tier 1 and Tier 2 units.

  • Caeda (Sword) - A buff-focused unit that can be strong in the right situation.
  • Effie (Lance) - This hero is best used in long battles where her self-buffs reach full potential.
  • ​Lyn (Sword) - A hero similar to Ryoma, but with subpar defense.
  • Minerva (Axe) - A gimmicky hero that should be avoided.
  • ​Navarre (Sword) - A highly vulnerable hero that usually isn't worth the risk.
  • Peri​ (Lance) - A gimmicky hero that should be avoided.


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