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Star Wars: Force Arena iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Like all professional MOBA players will tell you, it's imperative that you keep your eyes on the minimap at all times. Don't leave your structures undefended because you want to destroy opponent's in another lane.
  • When attacking enemy turrets send in your basic forces before your hero as they will keep the enemy fire preocupied.
  • The actual best use for your crytals is turning them into credits, as you'll need those credits to upgrade every single card in your stack.
  • You can zoom in on the game, but for the best results zoom out to the maximum as you'll be able to intake much more information.
  • When under pressure from enemies with your hero, pull back to the range of your turrets as they will help you restore order in that specific lane. Don't try to be a hero.
  • In the beginning, it's a good option to go into a match with a defensive mindset, worrying first about defending your own turrets, and jumping into offensive when you destroy the enemy wave.
  • Do the missions! Most people focus right away on PvP action, but playing missions will grant you significant rewards.
  • Don't stick to playing with just one hero, explore your options and in that way you'll find out what are the advantages and flaws of all the heroes you'll be facing.