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General Tips
  • Early in the game, you're using just two basic resources, Fuel and Supplies, and at the start your focus should be on the later as you need it to build and upgrade buildings and base defenses.
  • Staying on the topic of resources, it's smarter to favor storage opposing to production, as you can always go to the world and do single-player attacks to gather more Fuel and Supplies, but if you don't have anywhere to place them it will be for nothing.
  • Buying a second engineer allows you to build or upgrade two structures at the same time.
  • Thanks to an update player can now scout regions for scanning enemy bases.
  • Structures and base defenses can be upgraded if they have a small green arrow below them, but you need to be a certain level and have the right amount of resources to do so.
  • Great way to earn gold is to focus on achievements as they are a great for not just having a short-term mission, but for earning additional resources.
  • Do not place base defenses close to each other as they will be the prime target of enemy command powers, and if they are adjacent they can be destroyed by a single power.
  • Join an alliance, the game is called Empires & Allies for a reason, and not only will your allies be helpful to you but it will greatly improve the gaming experience.
  • Look for barrel caches, as attacking them can create a chain reaction of big explosions. This might be a great little nod to the earlier C&C titles like Red Alert 2.
  • Send your strongest best forces first, as the weaker ones will become cannon fodder for opponent's base defenses.
  • Mix up your defenses, don't just rely on one type of weapon as a lot of troop types are going to be coming your way.  
  • Once you upgraded your Headquarters to level 4 you'll receive the ability to begin placing troops one at a time which can be of a great tactical advantage as you don't have to commit your whole squad.
  • Tapping on your base defense structures shows off their range in the form of a white circle, which should be taken into consideration when laying out the base defense plan.