Box art - Red's Kingdom

Red’s Kingdom iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • If you ever get stuck and don’t know in which direction you should go next, try to follow the nuts. They will most likely show you the way.
  • Sometimes there is more than one exit, so take a look at all other options in the level. Another exit might allow you to get some treasure chests.
  • To get to yellow and pink exits, you need to activate certain special abilities. The green exits are the only ones that don’t require absolutely anything.
  • When fighting enemies, try to tap the screen just before your character encounters an enemy. That way you’ll do a critical hit which can take out two units of the enemy’s health bar.
  • To permanently increase your character’s health, find Heart in a Bottle items. They are usually located in some optional rooms so make sure you search through levels thoroughly.
  • Because there are both timed and regular levers you can pull in game, it’s important to differentiate between the two. You’ll know you’ve pulled a timed lever if you hear a ticking sound afterwards.
  • A red button with a round arrow on it resets everything in the level, which can be both useful and frustrating depending on the situation.