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NieR: Automata How To Get To Emil’s Shop And Complete Emil’s Memories

Emil's Shop is one of the last locations you will unlock in NieR: Automata. Getting here requires that you are either on your second or third playthrough (Route B or Route C). It is recommended that you find Emil and complete his quest line as several valuable materials are available, including Gold Ore, Memory Allow, Pyrite, and Titanium Alloy.

First, speak to Pascal to make Emil appear on the map. Located to the northeast of the City Ruins, he can be found driving around in a small car. Attack him to make him stop, at whch point you can purchase items from him. You will also receive a quest. Read on for the solution.

After speaking with him, head to the entrance of the Forest Zone and pick up the Lunar Tear nearby. This will prompt Emil to show up and speak to you, requesting that you find more Lunar Tears as part of the Emil's Memories quest. The tears are found as follows:
  • Amusement Park: Near the Item Shop.
  • Desert Zone: On the opposite end of the caves, toward the entrance to Desert Zone.
  • Flooded City: On the far platform.
  • Forest Zone: Inside a cave near the waterfall.

After turning in the tears, you will be able to proceed.

While playing as 9S, head into the pipe above City Ruins: Cave to gain entrance into City Ruins: Deep Cave. In this location you will find quite a number of useful materials, as well as Emil's Residence. Inside is Emil's Mask, which you need to retrieve before speaking to Emil (look for his icon on the map to find his location if needed).

After speaking to Emil, head back to City Ruins: Deep Cave and open the treasure chest in Emil's Residence using hacking. Upon exiting the room you will need to fight Emil, who is best defeated

using hacking.

Upon defeating Emil you will complete the quest line and receive an exclusive item.


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