Big Game Hunter 3 PC Cheats

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 3


During play, go to the Wilderness Tracking view. Press Ctrl + Enter,

then type in footwork, then Ctrl + Enter again. You’ll see a mesaage

to confirm entry. Now during play press Ctrl + Enter, then enter the

following codes and press Enter to activate…

bullseyeShow kill spots in video
couponExtra $1000
cuckooTime toggle
destroyMakes selected animal disappear
flurrySnow toggle
getthereWarps player to map location (Map Screen only)
hereiamDisplay coords (Map Screen Only)
mytrophySuccessful kill (Video only)
nextstandGo to next stand
offsetDisplay offset setting (Sighting In only)
popupWarp into practice range
sprinkleRain toggle
thereitisAnimal location as green dot on map
tonicFull health 

Note: To disable cheat mode, press Ctrl + Enter, type footwork, and press Enter.


Thanks to Revolution readers Tommy Goldblatt and Slaig-Eye!