Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace PC Cheats

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace


During play, press Backspace to bring up the chat window. Now enter the following


give me life  Full health (can only be done 5 times)
heal it up  Full health
i like to cheat  All weapons and ammo 
iamqueen  Play as Queen Amidala
iamquigon  Play as Qui-Gon Jin
iampanaka  Play as Panaka
iamobi  Play as Obi-Wan 
naughty naughty  First person view
beyond cinema  Letterbox 
from above Overhead view 
perf  Wire frame mode
rex Wire frame menu         
fpsView frame rate  
60fps60 fps frame rate              
slowmoSlow motion mode            
gurshick  View credits                              
drop a beatMoving walls               
i stink  Easier difficulty
i really stinkEasier difficulty
i rule the worldHard difficulty
kill me now  Suicide
but i feel so good Force push power color changed to red
happyWeapon 3 more powerful                   
turntablesDisable all cheats 
brenando"Tech Bonus!" message 
oldcodeDebug mode. Enter again for second debug menu.                



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