Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Xbox Cheats

Cheat Mode

Please keep in mind that to enable cheats in this game you need to edit a game file so make a backup copy of the file before proceeding with this. Now, use a text editor to edit the "swkotor2.ini" file in the game folder. Scroll to the "[Game Options]" section and add the following line, and apply the changes:


Save a file and start the game. Press [~] during gameplay then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: A console window will not appear so press [Tab] to list all console commands.

revealmap - Reveals the entire map with M key

givecredits <1-99> - Gives money

giveitem <item> - Give you a specific item (see the list below)

givemed - Gives 100 med kits

giverepair - Gives 100 advance repair kits

givecomspikes - Gives 100 computer spikes

givesecspikes - Gives 100 section spikes

givesitharmour - Gives 100 armor

warp <map name> - Travel to indicated map

infiniteuses - All limited Use Items Never Expire

whereami - Shows exact location on the map

addlevel - Adds level experience

dancedancemalak - Changes Darth Malak into a female dancing Twilek

heal - Heal your player

setcomputeruse <1-99> - Sets "Computer Use" skill level

setdemolitions <1-99> - Sets "Demolitions" skill level

setstealth <1-99> - Sets "Stealth" skill level

setawareness <1-99> - Sets "Awareness" skill level

setpersuade <1-99> - Sets "Persuade" skill level

setrepair <1-99> - Sets "Repair" skill level

setsecurity <1-99> - Sets "Security" skill level

settreatinjury <1-99> - Sets "Treat Injury" skill level

setstrength <1-99> - Sets "Strength" skill level

setdexterity <1-99> - Sets "Dexterity" skill level

setconstitution <1-99> - Sets "Construction" skill level

setintelligence <1-99> - Sets "Intelligence" skill level

setwisdom <1-99> - Sets "Wisdom" skill level

setcharisma <1-99> - Sets "Charisma" skill level

addexp <1-99> - Adds experience

turbo - Characters move three times normal speed

invulnerability <1-99> - God mode

restartminigame - Restart mini games if you lose

bright - Turns Dark into Bright

addlightside <1-99> - Adds Lightside experience

adddarkside <1-99> - Adds Darkside experience

Items List

These are also some of the items you can use with the "giveitem" code. Here are few You can use:










Nar Shaddaa: Silver lightsaber crystal

You can buy a silver saber lightsaber crystal from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa. Keep in mind You may have to make the other merchant leave Nar Shadda to do this.

Nar Shaddaa: Lightsaber lens

To get the third lightsaber part needed, the lens, YOu'll have to go to the catina and buy Juma Juice. After that, add Handmaiden to your party and talk to the Twi'lek in the back of the Catina. He will make Handmaiden dance for Vogga. Then, put the Juma Juice in the "urn" in the corner of the room so that the Kath hounds fall asleep. Vogga will fall also asleep while watching Handmaiden dance. Then, open the door behind you and go to the first metal box to your left. You will get a lens. Talk to Bao-Dur and he will make one for you.

Nar Shaddaa: Fuel for Telos

After Peragus is destroyed, Telos has no supply of fuel. On Nar Shaddaa, once you find Vanda the Hutt, ask him what he wants for Goto. You can tell him "Supply Telos with fuel". Because he runs a fuel company, he will supply you with it. The problem is you must get Goto for him. Later, Goto will end up in your party.

Nar Shaddaa: Opening the last locked door

When your T3 droid is sold to the Hutts, you will reach the last door in the Warehouse Area and it is a combination lock. Use the following combination to unlock it. 1. Center: Counterclockwise. 2. Left: Counterclockwise. 3. Right: Clockwise). After you get what you need out of this room, you will be confronted by HK droids again. They are not that difficult -- stay and fight. You will find the HK chassis for your HK droid.

Nar Shaddaa: Getting out of the ghetto

If You wanna get out of the downtown or "ghetto" part of Nar Shaddaa, you must do one simple thing. Talk to the Twi'lek girl in the Swoop gallery. She will bring up that she has the codes for C9-T9's cage but you must persuade her to tell you more. Finally, persuade her to give you the codes to the cage so you can destroy the bot. Once at the computer, enter the prompt "[Computer] Overload droid". It will overload and be destroyed. Finally, the man at the counter will ask you what happened. Just say something or use Force Control and say "You saw nothing". He will tell his boss the very same thing. After that happens, you will get a Holocron and be invited to the Jekk'Jekk' Tar. Be prepared. This is also how you get Mira to join your party, and meet the Jedi Master of the planet.

Nar Shaddaa: Make Atton a Jedi

There is an intermission sequence in the refugee sector (near the center) where a blue Twi'lek offers you information about Atton for a small price (about 20 to 25 credits) back on Nar Shaddaa. You have to Pay him, and he will say that he has seen Atton on Nar Shaddaa, and that he is not who he says he is. Talk to Atton about this and keep going on through the conversation. Keep selecting the Light side type answers, which are usually at the top. If you have enough influence with Atton, you will eventually reach a story about a female Jedi who opened his mind to the Force. Closely afterwards, you will go into something about opening Atton's mind to the Force and go into a series of conversation choices where there is only one choice, and Atton will not say anything in between. After completing this, the game will state that Atton is now a Jedi Sentinel. He will level up, making Force powers now available to him.

Alternate menu

After ending the game your character will appear on the main menu.

Alternate dialogue

You have to successfully complete the game two times, first time with a Light side ending and then again with a Dark side ending. Start the game a third time and You'll have new dialogue choices appear during the game.

Dxun: Computer code

When You are called back to Dxun by the Mandalore, you are given two missions. The main character Jedi goes to the capitol, but first with a cast member of your choice you will do a mission in the Dxun jungle. In the structure, there are two ancient computers in different locations that open big locked boxes with crystals in them. The first computer code is this string of numbers: (6*2)-8+9/1=13. On the second computer, the answer is: C.

Dantooine: Jedi Master Robe

Save Koohda but kill the Jedi Master. He will have a Jedi Master Robe on his corpse.

Korriban: Easy experience

When inspecting the dead Jedi body, to gain more experience faster and easier, make sure you have the Master Force Scream. It does massive damage all around you. This is useful if you plan to fight multiple Hssiss, as it has an area affect of virtually the entire room. You can inspect the body ten or more times and use the Force Scream for all the Hssiss around you. It usually takes about five or six uses, depending on how many there are. Also, if you have Death Field and Force Lightning Storm, it helps. If you are low on health, using the Death Field one time replenishes all your health. Also, having a high Wisdom and Regenerate Force Points are helpful.

Play as a Light side Jedi. Your Force bar replenishes very slowly when compared when playing on the Dark side. Equip the Sith mask, a Jedi Knight robe and the crystal in your lightsaber that helps regenerate Force points. Even with all three items, your Force will return slowly. Before you enter the hidden cave, make sure that you have the Drain Force power maxed out. Use Force Affinity, Force Storm, Force Storm, Drain Life (third tier) and in the next battle, Force Affinity, Drain Force, Force Storm, Force Storm then Drain Life. When you do use Drain Force in this manner, you will get Force points back (more if you are fighting about ten to twelve Hssiss).

Malachor V: Defeating Kreia

When on Light side, once you have started the battle with Kreia, run down the platform behind you. Run away from her until she stops chasing you. Once she stops lay as many mines as you have (thirty or forty recommended) in the same location. Run to where she starts chasing you again and lure her over the mines. If done correctly, her health should be almost gone. She will probably try to use Death Field on you. Use Flurry on her and she will die. Once the lightsabers appear, do the same thing but do not lay mines. Lure the sabers away from each other and attack them separately.

When you are on the Dark side, you can get a power called Force Crush. When you are fighting her, keep using that Force power. It does about 75 damage each time you use it. She might use Death Field on you sometimes, but it will not kill you. You can also use it on the floating lightsabers.