Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time Optional Photo Guide (VIDEO/PICTURES)

Optional Photo Guide
VIDEO Walkthrough


1. After taking a shower, go to Kate's room. below the Jesus poster there is a bunny. Take a picture!

2. After leaving the dorm walk straight ahead through the courtyard. There will be a trash can you can interact with. Max will pull a doughnut out and set it on a bench nearby. You'll need to walk away until the squirrel takes the bait before you can photograph it.

3. If you look up right before entering the Diner you will be able to take a photo of the sign.

4. Before entering the Diner walk down the alleyway on the right and follow it until you reach a fence separating you from the creepy mobile home guy and his dog. Take a photo of the dog.

5. This one is located in the bathroom of the Diner. You will have a chance to find it before you sit down at the booth and before you leave with Chloe.

6. As soon as you gain control of Max at the junkyard turn around and approach the school bus to take a photo of it.

7. While searching the junkyard there will be a deer. follow it but keep a good distance in order to take the photo. If you approach it too fast it will leap away and you will need to reload your last checkpoint in order to try again.

8. After shooting practice Chloe will be laying down on the hood of a car. You'll need to move to the left side of the car in order to take the photo.

9. Before going to photography class go see Warren in the Science lab. You'll get a text from him asking you to meet him there. He mentions his experiment and fails at demonstrating it. You can rewind time and then speak to his teacher about the experiment. Afterwards you can tell him to use Chlorine in order to do the experiment correct, then take a celebratory photo of him.

10. Before sitting down in photography class take a photo of Alyssa standing by the window.