Box art - Injustice 2 (iOS)

Injustice 2 (iOS) iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Tougher opponents require more skills on your part to beat them. Attack only strategy won’t help you much there so practice blocking and counter punching with combo attack from day one.
  • As for combos, heroes have their own strongest combos, however the following are the most common one: dash-tap-tap-tap-dash and dash-tap-tap-tap-jump. Make sure not to get your first punch blocked.
  • We all have a favorite hero, but be sure to send unused heroes out on operations in order to earn experience points and gems.
  • When you finally unlock arena best strategy is to have multiple classes in your party and that way always have heroes that can match your opponent by type.
  • When you are in arena keep in mind that the tier of opponent is based on your total team threat.
  • You can shatter unused gear into fragments and use it to level up and upgrade the gear that you want to use.
  • Complete game objectives for free games.
  • To unlock heroic battles you’ll need to finish all of the standard battles in a set in the campaign mode first. Keep in mind heroic battles can be extremely hard and can be played only three times per day.