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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Comprehensive List of Every Combat Art

Below is a comprehensive list of all Combat Arts in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It includes the Art's effect, as well as how to obtain it (ie, which item must be held and used).

For an explanation on how Combat Arts work, see How to Use and Manage Combat Arts.

Combat Arts


Curved Shot151130Iron Bow
Wrath Strike101510Iron Sword, Ilwoon
Hit and Run201210Avoid +30Iron Lance
Subdue50 20Fatal hits leave foe with 1 HPRoyal Sword, Beloved Zofia, Rapier, Emperor Lance
Shove100  Pushes an adjacent ally forward 1 squareEmperor Lance, Iron Shield, Rion Shield, Emperor Shield
Swap50  Swaps places with an adjacent allyBeloved Zofia, Saunion, Leather Shield, Fugue Shield, Emperor Shield
Crosswise Cut203330Steel Sword
Heavy Draw202810Steel Bow
Duelist Sword203310Avoid +30, Crt +20; boosts damage by 4%Silver Sword
Sunder152410Crt +30Steel Sword, Zweihänder
Hexblade153710Deals magic damage (targets enemy Res)Ladyblade
Lunge103220Crt +10; swaps places with enemy after combatIlwoon
Penetrate103220Avoid +10, moves 1 square forward after combatBrave Sword, Zweihänder
Lionine Poise253320Avoid -30, Crt +50; attack goes lastEmperor Lance
Thunderclap2042 Range +1; minimum Range is 2Lightning Sword
Knightkneeler154515Deals effective damage versus cavalry enemiesRhomphaia
Armorcrush154410Deals effective damage versus armoured enemiesSteel Lance, Rhomphaia
Death Blow204615Deals effective damage versus armoured enemiesIlwoon
Celestial Bow204520Deals effective damage versus TerrorsRadiant Bow
Grounder254515Deals effective damage versus flying enemiesBrave Sword
Destreza204320Attacks fatal against the enemy will always hitRapier
Encloser204 15Stops enemy moving for 1 Turn after combatLongbow
Ward Arrow254 15Seals enemy magic for 1 Turn after combatSilver Bow
Plenitude100 10Restores HP equal to damage dealt to enemyGolden Dagger, Mila’s Bow
Double Lion206520Avoid +10; 2 consecutive hitsRoyal Sword
Vendetta205320Adds half of user’s accrued damage to AttackDuma’s Lance
Dragonhaze208520Adds user’s Speed stat to AttackRhomphaia
Tigerstance258530Adds user’s Skill stat to AttackZweihänder
Archballista256220Range +2Saunion
Trance Shot308430Range +3Parthia
Shadow Gambit153220Crt +10; ignores enemy’s Terrain effectsRapier
Astral Blade3010 155 consecutive hits with halved AttackAstra
Roundhouse207420Avoid +20, Crt +20; ignores half of foe’s Def/ResSilver Sword
Solar Thrust30102015Sol
Lunar Flash301012500Crt +10Luna
Defensive151  Receive 5 less damage from physical attacksSaunion, Steel Shield, Rion Shield, Emperor Shield
Coral Cover152  Doubles Terrain effectsFugue Shield, Coral Ring
Aegis202  Halves damage from ranged attacks
Speculum203  Reflects magical damage
Pavise203  Halves physical damageDuma’s Shield, Sage’s Shield
Earth’s Kiss254  Halves magical damageHexlock Shield, Royal Shield, Sage’s Shield
Windsweep254320Crt +10; negates counter-attacksIron Sword
Foudroyant208 30Range -1, Avoid +15; doubles AttackLightning Sword
Earth’s Boon252320Avoid +5, Crt +5; grants provisions after defeating enemyGolden Dagger, Mila’s Bow
Flamberge2015  2 consecutive hits, deals magic damage (targets Res)Ladyblade
Longearche2031 Range = 2Iron Lance
Tempest Lance2051020Steel Lance
Mistdancer203215Avoid +10; magical attacks deal 10 less damageSilver Lance
Overrun204410Avoid +10; pushes enemy forward 1 squareSilver Lance
Hunter’s Volley208115Crt +10; 2 consecutive hitsKiller Bow
Scendscale501614 Range +2Royal Sword, Falchion
Ragnarok Ω251424 Range +1Beloved Zofia
Triangle Attack10830Crt +40; must surround enemy with Whitewing sistersPalla, Catria, Est


[Source: Serenes Forst]