Box art - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia List of All Shields, Rings, and Accessories (Equipment)

Throughout Shadows of Valentia, you’ll find a wealth of held items beyond mere weapons and food. You’ll need to strategize whether or not holding such items is worth it, as each unit in your army has just a single held item slot. If you do decide on a shield, ring, or accessory item from your inventory, though, it can yield great benefits. In particular, shields can unlock new Combat Arts, just like weapons can.

Shields: Like weapons, they yield Combat Arts with use. Shields also offer a boost to your defense stat, and sometimes have an associated effect on the unit wielding them.

Rings: Rings grant a wide variety of effects to the wearer, and occasionally grant skills as well. For example, a Blessed Ring offers HP recovery each turn, while a Coral Ring yields Coral Cover.

Accessories: Accessories have more of a plot and story importance, and will be encountered throughout your journey.

Below is a list of the shields, rings, and accessories in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


NameDefResWtEffectCombat Arts
Leather Shield300Swap
Iron Shield401Shove
Steel Shield502Defensive
Rion Shield223Str +2Shove, Defensive
Fugue Shield221Swap, Coral Cover
Silver Shield703
Blessed Shield000[Sanctuary], [Recovery]
Hexlock Shield073Halves damage from Black MagicEarth’s Blessing
Emperor Shield404Swap, Shove, Defensive
Duma’s Shield205Str +4Pavise
Royal Shield332Earth’s Kiss
Silver Platter000An everyday item found in mansions or temples
Rusted Shield003Useless in its current state
Sage’s Shield552[Recovery]Pavise, Earth’s Kiss
Eleven Shield431Boosts stats between the 7th and 11th turns


NameWtEffectLearned Skills
Blessed Ring0[Recovery]
Angel Ring0Lck +20, [Recovery]
Speed Ring0Spd +10, Mov +1, [Recovery]
Mage Ring0[Sophisticate], [Recovery]
Prayer Ring0[Miracle], [Recovery]
Grimoire Ring0[Magic +5]
Coral Ring0Res +4, [Recovery]Coral Cover
Mila’s Ring0[Evade Critical], [Recovery]
Animus Ring0[Vengeful Cry], [Recovery]
Demon Ring0Atk/Skl +5, Def/Res -5, [Reconstruct]
Keepsake Ring0Skl/Lck/Res +5, [Recovery]
Rusted Ring2Useless in its current state


Red Tricorn
Dubious Mask
Duma’s Helm
Mila’s Diadem