Box art - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia List of All Swords, Lances, and Bows (Weapons)

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia handles weapons and combat differently than other Fire Emblem titles, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t rife with options to choose from. The weapons triangle found in most of the modern Fire Emblems may be gone, but you’ll still want to choose your weapons carefully and know both their capabilities and effects.

In Shadows of Valentia, particular weapons unlock Combat Arts; you can read more about them here. Fore a complete list of all Combat Arts in the game, see List of All Combat Arts.

Below are the Swords, Lances, and Bows found in Shadows of Valentia. The list includes their stats, associated Combat Arts, and other effects.



NameMtRngHitWtEffectCombat Arts
Sword01900Default weapon when unequipped
Iron Sword21900Wrath Strike, Windsweep
Steel Sword41801Sunder, Crosswise Cut
Silver Sword81902Duelist Sword, Roundhouse
Brave Sword51900Crt +30Penetrate, Grounder
Shadow Sword131655Lck -10, [Hex], [LifeTaker]
Lightning Sword151~2803Crt -10, CEV -1; ignores user’s Atk, [Transmute]Thunderclap, Foudroyant
Blessed Sword311000Crt +10; [Anti-Terrors], [Recovery]
Royal Sword61901Crt +10; Alm only, [Recovery]Subdue, Double Lion, Scendscale
Falchion101801Alm only, bypasses Oculus, [Deicide], [Anti-Terrors], [Recovery]Scendscale
Astra1011002Crt +50Astral Blade
Golden Dagger11900Plenitude, Earth’s Boon
Zweihänder81703Crt +10Sunder, Penetrate, Tigerstance
Ladyblade61851Crt +5; doubles Might if equipped by femaleHexblade, Flamberge
Beloved Zofia61851Crt +10; Celica only, [Recovery]Subdue, Swap, Ragnarok Ω
Ilwoon101704Crt +15Wrath Strike, Lunge, Death Blow
Rapier31901Crt +5, [Anti-Cavalry], [Anti-Armor]Subdue, Shadow Gambit, Destreza
Exalted Falchion01900Marth’s default weapon, can KO Gods, bypasses Oculus
Parallel Falchion01900Lucina’s default weapon
Ragnell01900Ike’s default weapon
Binding Blade01900Roy’s default weapon, can KO Gods, bypasses Oculus
Yato01900Corrin’s default weapon
Rusted Sword01803Useless in its current state
Venin Edge11801Inflicts poison upon contact
Seven Sword51901Boosts stats between the 7th and 11th turns



NameMtRngHitWtEffectCombat Arts
Lance01900Default weapon when unequipped
Iron Lance21900Hit and Run, Longearche
Steel Lance41801Armorcrush, Tempest Lance
Silver Lance81902Mistdancer, Overrun
Blessed Lance31900Crt +10, [Anti-Terrors], [Recovery]
Sol151804Solar Thrust
Duma’s Lance61803Vendetta
Emperor Lance71854Subdue, Shove, Lionine Poise
Kriemhild101~3852Def/Res +5, [Phantasm]
Rhomphaia51803Crt +10Armorcrush, Knightkneeler, Dragonhaze
Saunion62~3704Swap, Defensive, Archballista
Rusted Lance11803Useless in its current state
Venin Lance11801Inflicts poison upon contact



NameMtRngHitWtEffectCombat Arts
Bow01~2700Default weapon when unequipped
Iron Bow21~3752[Anti-Fliers]Curved Shot
Steel Bow31~3653[Anti-Fliers]Heavy Draw
Silver Bow51~3704[Anti-Fliers]Ward Arrow
Blessed Bow31~3802Crt +10, [Anti-Fliers], [Anti-Terrors], [Recovery]
Luna101~3855[Anti-Fliers]Lunar Flash
Parthia81~3756[Anti-Fliers], [Recovery]Trance Shot
Mila’s Bow31~3803[Anti-Fliers], [Recovery]Plenitude, Earth’s Boon
Killer Bow41~3804Crt +20, [Anti-Fliers]Hunter’s Volley
Radiant Bow11~2753[Transmute], [Anti-Fliers]Celestial Bow
Rusted Bow01~2703Useless in its current state
Venin Bow11~3601Inflicts poison upon contact