Box art - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia List of All Sacred Springs (Stat Boosts)

Any time you reach an area or dungeon with a Mila statue, there are very likely Sacred Springs nearby or in the next room. These springs provide boosts to specific stats, commonly two separate ones, and you’ll need to decide how to assign these boosts to your existing army. 

For an explanation on how Sacred Springs work in Shadows of Valentia, see How to Use Sacred Springs. Below is a list of all Sacred Springs in the game, and their effect.


Sacred Springs


Dungeon (Area)Left SpringRight SpringUses
Thieves’ Shrine (Sacred Springs)SpeedHP3
Deliverance HQ (Sacred Springs)DefenseAttack3
Priory (Passageway)SpeedAttack3
Seabound Shrine (Area 2)Resistance2
Seabound Shrine (Sacred Springs)SkillHP3
Dragon Shrine (Sacred Springs)Resurrection3
Sylvan Shrine (Area 1)Resistance2
Sylvan Shrine (Sacred Springs)HPExperience3
Temple of Mila (Passageway)Experience2
Fear Mountain Shrine (Area 4)Resurrection3
Fear Mountain Shrine (Sacred Springs)SpeedLuck3
Secret Shrine (Area 1)Defense3
Secret Shrine (Sacred Springs)Resurrection3
The Lost Treescape –Defense3
Duma Tower (Area 1)Speed2
Duma Tower (Area 2)FatigueInfinite
Duma Tower (Area 3)HP2
Duma Tower (Area 4)Attack2
Duma Temple (Area 6)FatigueInfinite
Thabes Labyrinth (B3)SkillLuck3
Thabes Labyrinth (B4)AttackSpeed3
Thabes Labyrinth (B6)HPDefense3
Thabes Labyrinth (B9)SpeedResistance2