Box art - Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution – How Combat Works

Valyria Revolution differs from its predecessors in that combat is not purely strategy-based. Instead, action game mechanics are introduced and fused with familiar strategy elements that complement the main components of the game. Attacking in Valkyria Revolution centers primarily around an action gauge, which you’ll need to understand and manage in order to succeed. Read on for the basics of combat in Valyria Revolution.

Combat Basics

Sega has abandoned turned-based play this time around in favor of live action, which means your action gauge must always be monitored first and foremost. As it fills, you’ll be able to attack, in addition to options for dodging and defending. Time manipulation is another important combat facet, as your character is able to stop time in order to cast spells or swap in additional or complementary weaponry. Time manipulation kicks in of its own accord when these actions are utilized, making them quite manageable despite the chaos that may be unfolding onscreen.

Strategies of War

Battlefields in Valkyria Revolution are littered with cover and opportunities to catch a quick breather if things get too hectic. The cover system in the game is simple, and can be engaged simply by pressing the right shoulder button. The best use of cover is to restore health, but it can also be used to sneak up on unsuspecting foes and take them out.

Important for surviving combat is to remain attentive of different “unit” types enemy forces bring to the table – after all, there are still strategy elements to Valkyria Revolution. Shielded enemies need to be assaulted from behind or have their shields deactivated in advance, for example, while lumbering tank-like opposition should have their legs cut from under them to be effectively taken down.

Determining enemy weaknesses and exploiting them is the name of the game, and you won’t get far without doing so. This is especially true of boss encounters.