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Destiny 2 Arecibo Adventure – How to Follow the Music

The Arecibo Adventure is one of the best in Destiny 2. It’s got some surprises, and the idea of following strange music to a Warmind Vault is a compelling one. We’ll show you how to do in Destiny 2 follow the music, identify the source of the transmission, and secure the final Warmind Vault. It’ll be quite a journey, and expect a big battle at the end. You’ll need to have over a 22o power level to attempt it, but there is rare gear in there.

Identify the Source of the Transmission and Follow the Music

Once you’ve completed the story mission ‘Fury’ and spoken to Asher, you can find the Arecibo Adventure in the Rupture, east of the Pyramidion’s entrance. You’re told to look for the source of the transmission, so take your Sparrow and head to the marker. Next you have to follow the music. Kill the Vex and use the music box. Then head out again, get on your Sparrow, and go off towards your next journey.

The next cave is in Giant’s Scar, by some electrified Vex. The music box is inside. Follow the next music box through Terrabase Charon. You’ll be attacked by Vex again. Just kill them and find the nearby cave entrance for the next music box. As you head out of the cave turn right, head up the slope, then head through a tunnel. Now it’s time to take on the Warmind Vault.

Secure the Warmind Vault and Follow the Music

You’ll enter Warmind Vault JYS-2 and see the last music box ahead of you, then the Vex will attack. This is a long fight, but try and stay out of the Vex area to thin them out. The good news is, the music boxes will occasionally activate and incapacitate them. Make sure to watch out for any explosive Vex Fanatics. It’ll end with a Vex mini-boss, so unleash your super move on it. Then follow the music one last time into the nearby tunnel, examine the wall, and grab the last box. You’ve completed this Adventure!