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Fortnite 6.00 Update: What’s in the new Season Six Update?

It’s finally here: Fortnite season six is upon us. As ever, there’s just so much to cover in the new Fortnite season six update: the introduction of pets, new Fortnite map changes, and even a brand-new consumable in the shape of Shadow Stones, which promise to change the battle royale as we know it. We’ve even got the Fortnite season six update patch notes down below, should you want to take a deep-dive into that.

Fortnite Season Six Update: Pets

Yep, pets are now a thing. You can have them accompanying you as you drop into the map, with dogs, chameleons, and even baby dragons counting among the pets you can grab. There’s also going to be more available through the season six Battle Pass.

Fortnite Season Six Update: New Map Changes

There are some spooky changes a-foot. New Fortnite map changes include a Floating Island, “Corrupted Areas”, Corn Fields, and even a Haunted Castle. Perfect for Halloween.

Fortnite Season Six Update: Shadow Stones

This is the big change. The new Shadow Stones consumables will turn you invisible, whilst leaving you unable to use weapons. On the plus side: you can turn invisible while standing still and can phase through structures and buildings while holding down the fire button. The Shadow Stones can be found in the aforementioned Corrupted Areas and last for 45 seconds.

Fortnite Season Six Update: Vaulted Weapons

Oh noes. Epic has decided to do away with several weapons for the new season. The vaulted weapons are as follows: Vaulted Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives. That’s a lot of firepower but, worry not, they’re not completely gone: you can still mess around with them in the game’s Playground Mode.

Fortnite Season Six Update: Patch Notes

For more in the way of the full Fortnite update, check out the Fortnite season six patch notes, including more detail about the new keyboard and mouse matchmaking and new custom controller configuration. It’s a brand-new and exciting time for Fortnite. Are you ready for it?