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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – What Is the Best Loadout?

The last few Assassin’s Creed have been trying to support different playstyles but Assassin’s Creed Odyssey tries to take that to the next level. You can go in and embrace the “assassin” part of Assassin’s Creed or just skip past that and use a big ol’ sword to chop up your foes. It can be hard to pick. And while the game is quite open, we can help you pick the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey best loadout, gear, and abilities.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How to Pick the Best Loadout

There are a few ways to go about this and it most depends on what you want. You can either spec towards Warrior (for melee damage), Assassin (for stealth damage), or Hunter (which makes your bow and arrow stronger). There are a ton of pieces of gear but each tells you what its strength is, meaning there isn’t one specific gear loadout that will help.

But it does help to go for one area and max that out and upgrade in that area. For example, if you find a piece of gear that does 10 percent more Assassin damage and you want to be an Assassin, keep it even if you level past it. Take it to a blacksmith and upgrade it to your level if its DPS or armor are too weak but you still want its stat benefits.

Then keep doing that as you go from common (gray) gear to rare (blue) to epic (purple) to legendary (gold). Upgrading your gear to your level is not expensive and the game throws a lot of materials your way. You’ll find plenty of materials in the world naturally and through breaking down your gear, which you should frequently do.

The same goes for engraving your gear, which you should also always do. Engravings are obtained from solving the puzzle from the mysterious documents, completing challenges, and leveling up. You’ll see the challenge marker pop up when you do things like headshots and kill mercenaries. Some gear even comes with extra engravings if you get the whole armor set. Pick the engravings that most suit your playstyle.

Weapons also carry different Assassin, Warrior, and Hunter stats so be aware what the stats are if you want to go down a certain path. Staffs can have better Hunter damage while some Heavy Blades can have Warrior damage so look out. Sword and daggers are quick and tend to be more useful in more scenarios but no weapon is a bad choice. Heavier weapons tend to have more powerful Overpowered Attacks though.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How to Pick the Best Abilities

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - What Is the Best Loadout?

The game naturally pushes you into combat a lot of the time so, while it’s good to be a little balanced in most regards, it might be worth it to slightly favor Warrior no matter how you want to spec. Although going deep into one area might be sufficient if you’re good enough and have the right gear.

The best abilities to go for first, regardless of how you want to spec are the Sparta Kick, Rush Assassination, and Devastating Shot. They’re in all three trees so you’ll start out with some balance just in case you find yourself in a scenario you aren’t as prepared for.

Sparta Kick is good for kicking most enemies off high ledges. Rush Assassination can help you close the gap during stealth. And Devastating Shot can, as its name implies, destroy enemies with a single arrow. It’s even good during combat. They all require one bar of adrenaline and are mostly pretty versatile while having one obvious strength each.

When you pick what tree you want to go down first, you should buy Weapons Master if you want to be a Warrior, Shadow Assassin for Assassin, and Archery Master if you are trying to be a Hunter. These up your base melee damage, assassinations, and arrows, respectively and are crucial if you want to excel in a single area. These are a good starting off point and also give you other useful traits like automatic stealth kill looting and slow motion aiming while jumping.

For Assassins, players should go for Critical Assassination first. This will make your stealth attacks more powerful if you choose to use a bar of adrenaline. Rush Assassination is also good to level up since you can chain it to more people once you level it up. Hero Strike is also a good move for those who don’t quite have enough damage to dole out a fatal assassination and need one extra deadly push.

Warriors will want to go for Ring of Chaos. It creates a shockwave of damage and, once leveled up, can send enemies flying off high areas, which is incredibly useful. Bull Rush or Shield Bash are also great abilities too depending on if you’d rather storm through a bunch of enemies at once or chew up shields. But you should only pick one to start out with.

Sparta Kick, as previously mentioned is useful for killing most powerful enemies if you can get them near a cliff. Once you’ve leveled up a bit, Overpower Attacks, as its name implies, are incredible but expensive. They use three bars of adrenaline but can easily dismantle someone. Each weapon has a different Overpower Attack too so experiment around to find your favorite. Swords and daggers focus on a single enemy while the other bigger weapons have more sweeping area of effect attacks.

Hunters will want to grab Devastating Shot first and foremost. It gives you a sniper shot that can kill many enemies with just one headshot. Sixth Sense is also a good get since it’ll save you when you get caught. Just be warned that it really only works if you have enough Hunter damage to kill them quickly.

While it’s at the top of the tree, the Ghost Arrow of Artemis is good for taking out many enemies in a row and can go through walls. It’s a special move that isn’t always practical, but is extremely effective when the time calls.

There aren’t a lot of useless abilities but there are definitely a few that rise above the pack. Some, like taming animals, require a bit more work and aren’t quite as effective by themselves or as direct other powers.