Black Ops 4 Weapon Switch Freeze – Why Is My Game Freezing?

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 weapon switch freeze glitch has been hitting a few players on PC. This unfortunate glitch is when people switch to their secondary weapon and have their whole game crash or freeze. The sound even plays in a loop. What is game freeze glitch? Why is this bug happening? Let’s try to find out.

Black Ops 4 Weapon Switch Freeze – How Do I Fix This?

Players who have found this specific glitch on PC have been able to solve this issue by unequipping camo on the guns. This is an odd fix but multiple players have reported that this method works. So just try to unequip the camo on the specific gun and then, if that somehow doesn’t work, unequip camos on your other guns. This should keep you closing the game from the Task Manager.

This seems to happen with the rocket launcher as well. People have reported that swapping to the rocket launcher causes the game to crash. Again, this seems to only be exclusive to the PC version. Other posters came to the same conclusion of unequipping the camo. The Black Ops 4 weapon switch freezing bug also happened to someone else with the rocket launcher and it was solved when that person removed the scope from it.

Some other users have reported that this has happened on other secondary weapons too like the Hellion Salvo. This means it is a widespread glitch that applies to a good portion of the secondary weapons. And while these solutions are not the optimal way to play the game, it is recommended to just use the default skins for the time being until Treyarch (or Beenox) fixes this issue.

Treyarch has not commented on this situation but it is likely it will get patched out in the future.