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Destiny 2 Plague of the Well – Complete the Purification Ritual

There’s a lot to do in Destiny 2, and if you’ve finished the story missions and don’t have time for the Raids, then the Bounties will probably suit you. One of the newest Bounties in the Forsaken expansion is called the Purification Ritual, and requires you to kill a special boss called Plague of the Well. But where can you find a Destiny 2 Plague of the Well enemy, and how do you complete the Purification Ritual? Let us show you.

How to Find the Purification Ritual Bounty

First you have to head to the Dreaming City, talk to Petra Venj, and make an offering to the Oracle there. The Purification Ritual is one of the Bounties you can get from the Oracle after you have made it an offering. It can change quite a lot, so hopefully you will get this particular one. On the other hand it can be quite tough to beat a Plague of the Well, especially as you have to do it while Ascendant, so maybe you’ll want to try something else first…

How to Beat Destiny 2 Plague of the Well

Other than other players to help you, you’ll need three things to start the Ritual: a Tincture of Queensfoil, an Unstable Charge of Light, and a Charge of Light Tier III. Once you’ve completed Tier III Blind Well event head to the pedestal and use the Unstable Charge of Light to start a Heroic Blind Well event. You then use the Tincture of Queensfoil to become Ascendant. Now it’s time to take on the Plague of the Well.

While the boss that spawns in a Heroic Blind Well event is different each week, the one you need is called the Plague of the Blind Well. There’s no particular trick to beating it, just keep attacking it. Don’t worry about landing the killing blow, as long as you’ve personally done a lot of damage to the boss then you’ll get the Bounty. The Bounty can now be turned in from within your inventory, and you can purify a piece of your Reverie Armor.