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Destiny 2 Seed of Light: How to Get a Seed of Light in Destiny 2 Forsaken

The latest expansion for Destiny 2 is now here, Forsaken, and players have been digging in and finding all of its new features for the past week. Perhaps one of the biggest of these features are the new subclasses, and while you’ll get one as part of the campaign unlocking the rest will require items called Seeds of Light. But how do you get a Destiny 2 Seed of Light, and what do you do with it afterwards? Read on to find out.

How to Get a Destiny 2 Seed of Light

You’ll get your first Seed of Light when starting Destiny 2: Forsaken. After that things get a lot more difficult. First you’ll have to unlock the Dreaming City, which is also where you’ll need to go to do the new Last Wish raid that just went live. Once there, you need to complete a Tier 2 Blind Well event to earn another Seed of Light.

This works similar to Escalation Protocol, except that here you’ll need a Charge of Light Tier II, which you place in the central pedestal of the Blind Well. Don’t think about doing this event solo; you’ll need to be in a Fireteam and preferably other teams nearby to help out. Once you’ve completed it you should get a Seed of Light. If you don’t get one, well, you’ll just have to do it again…

Why Do You Need Seeds of Light?

As mentioned, you need Seeds of Light to unlock the three new subclasses introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken. These are Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. These will then give you access to a total of nine new Super abilities, three for each of the subclasses. These range from the supportive to the devastating. You can read all about these new Supers right hereDestiny 2: Forsaken is available now, so get a Fireteam together and get hunting.