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Destiny 2 Forsaken New Supers: What are the New Destiny 2 Supers in the Forsaken DLC?

The Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC isn’t just coming with a bunch of new Raids and missions, no siree. In fact, there’s nine super-powered moves that you might want to start paying attention to. Tied to the new subclasses that will be introduced come September 2, the Destiny 2 Forsaken new Supers range from the stabby to the supportive. Each of them are going to come in useful if you want to avenge Cayde-6’s death, so let’s brush up on them.

Destiny 2 Forsaken New Supers: Every New Destiny 2 Super in the Forsaken DLC

The exclusive reveal comes courtesy of Game Informer, with all nine new subclasses outlined. However, we’re focusing on the Destiny 2 Forsaken new Supers, moves that can be pulled off with a simple tap of R1 and L1/RB and LB and can often turn the tide of any fight in devastating fashion.

The Voidwalker super, aptly named Nova Warp, lets you teleport short distances and leave a trail of explosions in your wake, which is perfect for quelling a large group of enemies with more sporadic movement patterns.

Next up is the Arcstrider. Its Whirlwind Guard is essentially the Arc Staff with a little added oomph. You also get a shield for a little bit of an added bonus.

The Stormcaller’s Chaos Reach super lets you unleash your inner Bomberman by firing a column of Arc energy into whomever is unlucky enough to be standing in your way. Big Raid bosses may soon crumble with this Super and a little bit of a distraction from teammates.

Unlike its name, the Gunslinger’s Super actually utilizes a few dozen sharp objects. The Blade Barrage lets you go all stabby by sending sever knives into your opponent. I think they’ll get the point after that.

If support is more your thing, then you should opt for the Warlock’s Wall of Radiance. Pressing the Super command brings up a rift that heals your team. It could be a lifesaver in the heat of battle.

The Nightstalker’s Super, much like the Gunslinger, uses blades in its arsenal, but prefers to go much more Jedi with it, floating around before finding a suitable enemy to sink its knives into.

But, of course, you might want to do it like Thor would. If that’s the case, the Sunbreaker Super, Burning Maul, lets you spin your hammer and take out everyone in your vicinity.

There’s even a Thor-esque lawn-dart feature with the Striker Thundercrash Super. In it, you propel yourself into an enemy, causing massive amounts of damage. Simple, yet effective.

Finally, the Sentinel Banner Shield is, arguably, the most powerful support Super in the game, protecting you and your team from all who might wish you harm.